Welcome to my blog! I very much hope this gives people a greater understanding of who we are, what we do every day and what we hope to bring you in the future.


I was in the office at 8am preparing a presentation for 100 stakeholders from one of our main social investors LGTP (The Licechenstien Global Trust. Luckily, my early start paid off and the presentation went down well. I met some fascinating, inspiring people, too, including the Chief Executive of Big White Wall an online organisation that provides support to people with mental health issues. I was also asked to do a video interview for dementia specific websites. I’m getting used to thinking on my feet!


Our amazing little team is growing all the time – six months ago there were only three of us, now there’s 10 – but recruiting takes time. I spent a long time interviewing today for the new position of Marketing Manager. I also had to sort out the final preparations for our launch party on Wednesday. I was convinced only a handful of people would turn up but still had to be prepared in case the 100 or so people we’d invited all decided to come.


This morning we had our monthly board meeting. Our social investors are very challenging – and rightly so. We have to show them that we’re running a financially sustainable business that’s delivering social impact. The highlight of the meeting was a presentation given by Unforgettable team member Sharon Liu Jiawen about the key causes of potentially preventable hospital admissions for people with dementia. It’s a subject close to my heart and our company mission, and we’re determined to find ways to address and tackle the main issues.

In the evening, we had our launch party. More than 100 people turned up, including journalists from the Daily Mail, Daily Express and Sunday Times, who mingled with inventors, innovators and suppliers all working in the dementia field. Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of Alzheimer’s Society, made a fantastic, passionate speech, demonstrating his support for Unforgettable which was very moving. We ended by toasting the daily bravery of people who are affected by dementia…which focused all our minds.

On a personal note, it was great to see my brother, Mark, and Mum’s carer come along, too. The idea for Unforgettable came from our seven year dementia journey with Mum. It felt right somehow that the people who knew and loved her so much should be there too, remembering her.


I spent most of the day working on a whole range of Unforgettable branded products which is very exciting. Our first branded product will be a personalised jigsaw puzzle which we’re producing as a joint venture with Ben Atkinson Willes from Active Minds. We hope to have a whole range on sale next year.


Spent today working on this week’s newsletter. We really want to encourage visitors to our site to share their personal experiences of dementia because we know that reading other people’s stories can really help. This hit home for me when I read Kate’s story and realised there were many similarities to my own. It’s very comforting to realise you aren’t alone. This week we’ve decided to include a £25 gift voucher for anyone who takes the time to share their own dementia story with Unforgettable and get it published on our site.

It’s our best newsletter so far – watch out for it arriving in your inbox!

Highlight of the week

Meeting so many dementia innovators at our launch party was really exciting. They’re all coming up with great products to make life with dementia a bit easier. But I know there are lots more people out there with exciting ideas but who don’t know how to get them out there. This is what really drives me forward because we can help the right people to make their products a reality. Get in touch if you think that could be you!

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