This week Unforgettable hosted a very special event at John Bell and Croyden to demonstrate a range of life-changing dementia products.

On Monday evening, more than 100 people came together at a prestigious London store to see a range of life-changing dementia products.

The event was held to mark the beginning of a new partnership between Unforgettable and the UK’s most impressive health and beauty emporium John Bell & Croyden. It’s a partnership which, we hope, will raise awareness of life changing dementia products, making them easier to find and, for those who need them, easier to buy.

As guests arrived at this flagship pharmacy (which also happens to be pharmacist to Her Majesty the Queen) the first thing they saw was a range of Unforgettable’s best-selling products proudly displayed at the store entrance, available to buy. For anyone in the dementia care sector this in itself was an exciting sight. As it was the first time ever that potentially life changing dementia products (including our day clock, simple music player, GPS tracker and jigsaws) have been sold in a shop, rather than only online.

Guests at the launch event included many dementia innovators, charity partners, dementia experts such as Danielle Wilde, Dementia Lead at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and Professor Graham Stokes, Bupa’s Global Director of Dementia Car. Many Care professionals and family carers and people living with dementia were also invited and agreed this was a very special occasion which could prove very beneficial to families living with dementia.

Unforgettable founder James Ashwell admitted it had been a ‘five-year dream’ to get dementia products into a store. ‘A few years ago, my brother Mark and I were cutting out family photos to make a DIY personalised jigsaw for Mum, we said ‘why isn’t there a shop where we can buy something like this?’ Well, I’m delighted to say that there now is.’

Cormac Tobin, Managing Director of Celesio UK (owners of John Bell & Croyden), described the event as, ‘an evening of ‘emotion and passion,’ saying he was delighted to be offering customers access to products that could enhance their quality of life.

Whilst guests mingled, shared stories and chatted about their experiences of dementia, they nibbled delicious finger food designed for people with dementia by celebrity nutritionist Jane Clarke who also spoke eloquently about the importance of nourishing those we love.

Overall, it was an inspiring event for Unforgettable and everyone who helped to make it possible. We hope it will lead more people to discovering dementia products they didn’t even know existed and which might make a difference to their lives.

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