He’s already cycled 16,000 miles around Canada and America, but Chris Graham, who was diagnosed with dementia at only 34, is off again!

The last time we spoke to Chris Graham he’d just written a book about his remarkable eight- month journey across America and Canada. Although delighted with what he’d achieved, and the £50,000 he raised for dementia research, it was clear that Chris, now 41, had itchy feet…

So we were delighted to hear about his latest adventure. Chris, who has a very rare form of early-onset dementia, is cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End during Dementia Awareness Week. ‘I like having something to work towards and I had been considering doing this for a while,’ he explained.

Chris, who’s married to Vicky, remains super-fit and physically healthy. ‘Cycling gives me a sense of purpose, keeps me fit and gets me out from under Vicky’s feet. My motto is ‘if in doubt pedal some more.’’

Chris carries a rare familial Alzheimer’s gene which has affected three generations of his family, killing his father at 42 and his grandfather at 46, and which has a 50 per cent chance of affecting his three children.

But he’s determined to remain as positive as possible. ‘I want to raise as much money as I can from this cycle ride. I want to make a difference to dementia research while I still can,’ says Chris.

‘Exercise always improves his concentration and being on the road on his bike keeps his mind active,’ adds Vicky. ‘The bike ride will give Chris a sense of freedom and achievement.

‘This is his fightback not only for himself, the kids and his family but for everyone else living with this condition.’

You can read Chris’s dementia story here.

If you want to sponsor Chris go here.

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