Shocking statistics last week revealed a massive 73 per cent increase in the number of people with dementia who are admitted to hospital with conditions that could have been prevented or treated earlier at home. Research by Alzheimer’s Society, which compiled data from 65 hospital trusts, suggests that soaring numbers of people with dementia are ending up in hospital because the care system is ‘broken.’

Common conditions that lead people with dementia to be admitted to hospital include urinary tract infections (UTIs) dehydration, falls and pneumonia. Yet with better care and awareness, many of these conditions can be avoided or treated quickly, before they become serious enough to require a trip to hospital.

We know how traumatic a hospital stay can be for someone with dementia. Being in an unfamiliar environment isn’t only disorientating, it can lead to a sharp decline in overall health and wellbeing. That’s why we asked dementia expert Danielle Wilde, dementia lead at the Royal Free Hospital in London, to write this step by step guide book Staying out of hospital when you have dementia. It explains how to spot and manage the most common conditions that can lead to hospital admissions and how to prevent them happening in the first place. It’s also filled with practical, comforting advice that will leave you better equipped to keep the person you care about safe and in the best of health.

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