If someone you love has dementia you will probably want to know one thing more than anything else; what’s going to happen…and when?

However, whilst some illnesses progress in a steady, fairly predictable manner, dementia is different. You will often hear experts say that the dementia journey is unpredictable; that it rarely runs smoothly. This is correct of course, but simply being told that ‘everyone is different’ or ‘every journey is unique,’ isn’t terribly helpful when you’re caring for a loved one every day and just want to know if what you’re experiencing is ‘normal,’ if it’s likely to get worse and if you’re responding correctly.

With all this in mind, Unforgettable has created A Guide to the Dementia Journey: What to Expect and When. This 86-page comprehensive book is packed with information and advice about the dementia journey and how it tends to progress, answering your most pressing concerns.

There’s also a detailed breakdown of the ‘stages’ of dementia if you want to clarify which part of the journey you might be facing.

So whether you’re coping with the very early stages or more advanced dementia, we hope this down-to-earth book will provide you with some practical tips and support that are relevant to you and the person you care for. In fact, we’re so convinced that everyone who’s dealing with dementia could find this book helpful, that we’re giving it away FREE during Carers Week.

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