Unforgettable’s founder James Ashwell explains why we really need your feedback, whether it’s good or bad

If you’ve bought something from Unforgettable in the past 12 months you might have received an email from us this week asking for feedback.

Please don’t ignore it. As a social business, our mission is to make life a bit easier for everyone affected by dementia. We want to make sure that we’re offering you the right services and products at the right price and in the right way. If we aren’t… you need to tell us.

We know how busy you are, so we’ve made the process of giving feedback as quick and easy as possible. Simply rate your experience, (the more stars you give us, the better) then click ‘leave your feedback.’

Don’t worry if it’s been months since you bought anything from us. It isn’t too late to tell us what you thought. In fact, we’d still love to hear from you. Remember, your comments and experience could help someone else on the dementia journey who might be considering a similar purchase. Reviews from people who’ve ‘been there too’ are extremely important. Many people tell us they trust these reviews more than any other, including expert opinion.

Don’t be afraid to give us negative feedback either. Maybe you were disappointed with something you bought or didn’t find it as useful as you hoped. If so, please tell us. We want to get better and we can learn a huge amount from constructive criticism.

Of course, positive feedback is very welcome too! Since launching two years ago, we’ve been lucky enough to receive lots of lovely comments and reviews from customers worldwide. I remember one wonderful email that came shortly after our launch from a woman who said Unforgettable was, ‘the most supportive resource I’ve found in five years of caring for my mum.’ As a result of what she’s read and learnt, she’d decided to take her mum out of a care home and look after her at home. Of course, nobody is suggesting this would be the right choice for everyone, but it was very motivating for us to feel that we’ve helped someone to make such a life changing decision.

So let us know how we’re doing.

By the way
Our feedback emails are sent to randomly selected customers by an independent review organisation. Unforgettable has no control over the selection process. If you have bought something from us recently and didn’t receive an email don’t worry. You might be asked to give feedback in the future.

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