We launched our new support group last week because we think everyone who’s dealing with dementia deserves a place to talk, to let off steam, and be heard by someone who really understands…

We’re delighted that hundreds of you seem to agree, and we’re truly humbled by the stories you’ve been sharing, and the support you’ve been giving each other. It’s pretty clear that this group is bringing together many like-minded people who may never otherwise have had the chance to meet.

As two members said this week:

The sheer number of rising members on this group proves that we all want to share our experiences with others who are travelling along a similar road.’

This group is such an amazing idea, just being able to talk to other people makes such a difference, makes you feel that you’re not alone.’

We’ll be arranging live chats and discussions with dementia experts, so you can ask questions directly. But this is your group, so if you want information about anything in particular…please let us know. And if you haven’t joined yet, don’t be shy. From what we’ve seen already, this community is kind and generous with its time, warm, welcoming, and totally empathic.

You can join by going here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/UnforgettableDementiaSupport/

This week we’ve noticed lots of people talking about ways to handle money (cash in particular), so we’ve selected a few of articles below that you might be interested in, or want to discuss, including one about how money and dementia can cause family feuds. Sadly, it’s far more common than you might think…

Shoplifting and dementia: Excuse me, have you paid for those?

Why dementia can cause family feuds

Handling money when you have dementia

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