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to lift lives

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Care on your terms from the UK’s best home care company

Get fully-managed home care or self-manage for a lower price. We’ll guide you through the options.

Lifted Concierge

Our great Lifted carers fully managed by us, giving you full peace of mind.

  • Regulated by the Care Quality Commission
  • A full care assessment by a qualified social worker
  • Our expert care team match you with your perfect carer
  • Day to day monitoring and management by our care team
  • Bulletproof back-up- we will never leave you without care
  • £1350 a week, or £23 an hour all inclusive

Lifted Direct

Same great Lifted carers for you to browse and hire on your terms. You manage the carer directly but with the support of our expert care team.

  • Lifted help you find your perfect Carer
  • We craft a job description unique to you
  • Browse, interview & trial
  • Build a partnership by managing care yourself
  • Back-up within hours once you let us know it’s needed
  • £1100 a week, or £20 per hour. No hidden extras.
Lifted Concierge – fully managed care
Lifted Direct – self-managed care

We are on a mission to fix the care crisis

.When I was 24, my lovely mum Kate was diagnosed with early on set dementia. She was 56. For 10 years I struggled to arrange great care for her. I was shocked by how hard it and how little support was put into caring for the carers who did the hard work. I knew care could be so much better. I decided to quit my job and make it happen and Lifted was born. We believe arranging care should be simple and care should be joyful. That’s why we are called Lifted, because we lift lives.

Four years later, we have supported hundreds of families. We’ve delivered over 200,000 hours of care, been crowned the best home care company in the country and grown to a team of more than 100. But we are just getting started.

Rachael Crook
Lifted CEO and Co-Founder
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The Lifted Difference

Care doesn’t have to be confusing

Lifted is the only home care company that helps you choose between fully managed and self-managed care – or even using a mix of both in a way that works for you.

We think both options can be fantastic – what’s right for you and your family will depend. But we can help you work that through.

We can also help you navigate the financial side of care, including making sure you get all the help you’e entitled to.

Quality care built around you & your family

All our carers take Lifted’s unique training which teaches them not just to care, but to “Lift Lives”. Our activity support and community events help bring that training to life.

Whether you have an expert assessment or choose to bring your own job description, we give your family to scope to say what really matters to you. We make sure our carers are doing the things that truly make a difference – with the flexibility for that to change day to day, if needed.

We’re the first choice for carers

Our carers love working with Lifted as we give them second to none support and mentoring, and they tell us our “Lift Lives” training is second to none.

We also offer 6 monthly pay rises for sticking with the same family (at no additional cost to you) and progression into mentoring opportunities so they can feel their career is going somewhere.

Carers who go that extra mile

Chelsea & Gladys

Chelsea helps Gladys get up so they can listen to the morning mass every day together.

Evelina & Eleanor

Evelina and Eleanor enjoy in home spa days together and Evelina helps Eleanor with her stroke rehabilitation exercises.

Katie & Barbara

Katie helps Barbara remember to take her blood pressure medication as they talk about local history.

Meet our carers

Choosing between our services

When fully managed care works best

Lifted Concierge is our fully managed service. This might suit you if you prefer to pay a little more and someone else arrange everything for you. Often this is because:

  • You’re arranging care for the first time.

  • You’ve never had an assessment or care plan and need expert guidance on what care would look like.
  • You prefer dealing with a care manager who manages your carers for you – including giving feedback and managing their performance.
  • You need someone to monitor for you that care happens and tasks are done.
  • If the carer can’t attend at short notice you need a replacement to be in place immediately so there is no gap in care whatsoever.

If you’re arranging care for someone else and don’t live close by, we find using a fully managed agency gives you that peace of mind.

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When self-managed care works best

You prefer to pay a little less and take on more of the management yourself. Often this is because:

  • You’re not arranging care for the first time
  • You’ve had care plans done in the past and you’re confident in knowing what good care looks like for you.
  • You prefer communicating directly with your carer, offering feedback and guidance yourself so it becomes a true partnership.
  • You’re happy to monitor yourself that care happens and tasks are done.
  • If the carer can’t attend at short notice you can manage care yourself for a few hours whilst an alternative is arranged.

If you’re arranging care for someone else we find hiring direct works best if you can be around regularly to offer oversight to care.

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We’re really proud to officially be the best home care company in the country

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