Howz provides a non-intrusive home monitoring system that helps older people stay independent for longer.

What is Howz

The smart home care kit from Howz uses clever sensors and a smart plug to track the daily activities of a vulnerable family member or friend as they move around their home. Should anything unusual happen such as a lack of movement, or a door being left open, the Howz service will instantly send an alert to your smartphone or tablet.

Howz has been specifically designed to keep your loved ones safe while keeping you connected and informed 24/7, no matter where you are (internet connection required).

The Howz home care kit:

Why we recommend Howz

Howz is a good alternative to pendant alarms, that are often forgotten or can be found to be a nuisance.

Their solution also is non-invasive and is capable of monitoring a loved ones behaviours without the use of cameras or microphones.

Howz also works with the NHS and is supported by EDF Energy.

How it works 

The Smart Home Care Kit: Consisting of two sensors, a plug and a hub, the kit comes with everything you’ll need to know your loved one is ok. These discrete sensors have been designed to fit right into the background and adapt to their way of life, with no disruptions at all.

Howz will learn an individual’s routine over the first 7-10 days after installation and determine events such as their average start of day. It will then monitor all of their activity to ensure they are going about their day as expected. This activity feed is available to view from the Howz app or web portal.

Should there be anything out of the ordinary such as a late start to their day or movement during the night, an alert will be sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.

By being instantly alerted rather than waiting for someone to discover them, you can react to the problem immediately.

The Howz Home Care Kit costs £199.00 and thereafter £9/month (per kit) after a 30 day free trial.

Ernest Poole, 96

“Having Howz is a comfort because I know if I didn’t follow my routine and get up and about someone would know.”

Simon Brodie, 61

“Howz was immediately of interest to me, because of my specialist background, but what really appealed was how unobtrusive the system sounded, so I wanted to see how much insight it could give me.” –


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