Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about the importance of building business relationships and setting achievable goals.

Highlight of the week

After a busy Christmas we’ve started 2016 with a full team of 10 people. I want 2016 to be the year that Unforgettable grows rapidly and meaningfully, reaching as many people as possible. We’re no longer building a business…we’re delivering a business. It’s great to be back!


I started the week with a very interesting meeting with a consultant who wants to do an internship with Unforgettable. One of the best things about this work is meeting so many passionate people. I then spent the rest of the day inducting our latest employees. We now have a head of customer experience, a head of products and a head of marketing and this is our first full week together.

I also started my link-building campaign. I’m contacting dementia organisations and B Corp social businesses to raise awareness of Unforgettable and to increase our authority. It’s going to take time, but I’m determined to succeed.


I had a very productive target-setting meeting with Andrew our customer service manager today. I want Unforgettable to have a world class customer service department, which really listens and responds quickly to our customers – and I’m sure we’ll get there.

I then had a meeting at the Alzheimer’s Society headquarters with the society’s chief executive Jeremy Hughes and his two directors. Jeremy and I are convinced about the size of the opportunity for both our beneficiaries. After all, we know that 87 per cent of people in an Unforgettable poll didn’t even know that dementia products existed. It’s very heartening to be forging a deeper relationship with such a well-respected charity.


Today I had a meeting with Core Purpose, an inspiring marketing agency which will be working with us to develop our brand and market position. They’re going to support us with branding and developing our position, so that Unforgettable reaches the people who need it most.

I spent most of the afternoon talking to our charity partners, including Designability, Alzheimer’s Disease International and the Alzheimer’s Society, and developing our relationships and links. We’re hoping to welcome another five or six charity partners on board very soon.


I devoted quite a lot of time to exploring the possibility of co-branding with charity partners and/or suppliers. It’s a very interesting idea – watch this space!

A New Year’s resolution

Founding a business which was inspired by personal experience can be emotionally gruelling. My resolution for 2016 is to try to stand back a little and not take every tiny setback to heart. It’s difficult, because I believe in this so much, but I know I have to start cutting off a bit more – and stop taking so much work home with me!

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