Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about some exciting new developments at Unforgettable.


It’s fascinating to watch Unforgettable evolve.  We now have a senior management team in place and today’s team meeting (after a lovely Bank Holiday weekend) was an excellent demonstration of how far we’ve come in creating a structured, formal business which is both efficient and effective.

However, I still found time for a little fun afterwards at a lunch time work-out at a gym around the corner from our office. I’m trying to persuade everyone else to come along to the class but so far only Katie has volunteered. I have to admit we were both absolutely exhausted afterwards!


Katie and I spent a lot of time working on our first Unforgettable product. I don’t want to say too much more about it right now, but it’s going to be very special…!

I also had a fantastic meeting with a very interesting Harvard graduate who was keen to know more about Unforgettable and might be able to help the business develop.

Later, I presented my first 60-Day Plan to our CEO David, which outlines exactly what I intend to deliver to the business in this time frame. I’m very pleased to be doing this because it ensures that I am also held to account for my performance.


Today I had a great meeting with Natalie Price from Proximity Care, to discuss her new locator product. We discussed her plans and how we can help to support her, as it’s always good to work with young innovators like Natalie. I also had a very interesting meeting with a potential investor – a particularly fascinating person.

Then I spent the afternoon working on the legal documents for our Lasting Power of Attorney product which is launching soon. Making sure all the legal terms are correct and we have suitable contracts in place with our vendors takes quite a considerable amount of time… I ended up working late to get it finished.

And finally…

I’m proud to say that Unforgettable is now in a really interesting place. It feels as if we’ve been working flat-out for six months on lots of things that nobody has seen, but between now and Christmas all will be revealed! We’ve made exciting developments in so many areas, including marketing, fundraising and corporate finance. And we’re soon moving to a bigger and better office too. It’s going to be a busy but brilliant couple of months – I can’t wait!

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