Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about catalogues, apps and remarkable carers who are doing so much to raise the profile of dementia.


I’ve started meeting with residential and professional care agencies and was really excited to explore some exciting ways we can work together, so that lots more people can become aware of Unforgettable and the products we’re offering.

Later, I met a really lovely girl called Virginia whose Dad has dementia. Virginia is embarking on some serious fundraising by cycling the length of the UK and doing community events in different cities – and wants to work with us.

I spent the rest of the day with our marketing agency Core Purpose working on our forthcoming PR and finished the day meeting David Wood from The King’s Fund, which was a very eye opening experience.


Started the day by meeting Nigel Ward from the Alzheimer’s Show to discuss our stand at the show this year in June. Then back at the office we began work on our first catalogue. Our recent survey revealed 87 per cent of people don’t believe any products exist for dementia – so one of the easiest ways to change that is to give them a catalogue to show they do! It’s an exciting prospect.


Our first team away day! This was a fantastic opportunity for both old and new members of the team to get together – away from the office – to discuss and agree our strategy for the coming year. We all did a Dementia Friends workshop too – so the whole office are now Dementia Friends and have the badges to prove it! We also had a powerful and engaging talk from an amazing woman called Zoe Harris who cared for her husband with dementia.

Thanks very much to Berenberg for lending us their facilities for the day.


Kicked off the day with a conversation with the Chief Executive of MindMate, an app for dementia carers that reaches 12,000 people globally. I also had a good meeting with the marketing director of the Alzheimer’s Society about furthering our relationship and was delighted to have a very productive meeting with a large care agency about working together.

Later, I met Liam Black in Soho who continues to be someone who really intrigues me. He was, as expected, blunt, funny, witty and wise. I’d like to have spent a lot more time talking to him but unfortunately I had to get back to the office for some serious catching up. I ended up staying until 1am working on a presentation for Monday to the Bridges Charitable Trust – the charity which provided us with the initial money we needed for Unforgettable. It was a big risk for them because we were just starting out and we’re so grateful to them for believing in us, so it was worth the late night!

Thought for the week

Meeting Zoe Harris on Wednesday and hearing her moving personal story was definitely the highlight of my week. It made me realise that caring for my mum was much easier than caring for a spouse. Maybe it’s because we all accept that, painful though it is, at some point, our parents will grow old and die before us. However facing up to the fact that our partner in life has a terminal illness with no cure in which they will ultimately forget who you are, seems to me so much more anguished. Zoe made me stop and consider how many more people out there are struggling to care for their partners, and I want to thank her for doing that, and for her incredible bravery. It was also inspirational to see how she’s managed to turn such a desperately sad experience into something positive by creating her simple but brilliant care charts. Thank you Zoe.

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