Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking puzzles, trackers and our wonderful gift guide…

Highlight of the week

Finding products that can help to make the dementia journey a little easier is at the heart of everything we do, so I’ve been really excited this week by several meetings I’ve had about new product development. I’m pleased to say that our personalised jigsaws, produced jointly with Active Minds, should be available in about ten days’ time – which is amazing!

I also had a fascinating meeting with Professor Raman Bedi, former chief dental officer for England and Wales, about producing an affordable dental pack for people with dementia. At this rate, Unforgettable could have its own range of branded dementia products sooner than I ever thought possible. Watch this space…


I started the week with a team product meeting, we’re determined to become the world’s leading dementia specialist in activities, books, gifts and memory loss products by Christmas. We discussed creative ways to raise awareness of what’s available to site visitors, such as ‘starter kits’ and subscriptions. All exciting stuff…and sales are looking good!

I then went through all this week’s customer contacts – on social media, by email and via our helpline or forums – because it’s so important for me to keep in touch and understand what people want and need on the dementia journey. This is a fantastic way for me to connect with our clients and to keep me focussed on what’s important.

I’ve already received some incredibly touching messages, including a forum post from a carer named Lollie who wanted ideas to help her mum who was in the final stages of dementia. Our lead nurse and expert carer, Daphne was able to respond to her post immediately and offer advice and encouragement. I do hope it was of help. If you’re reading this Lollie, I’d love to know.


Started early with a meeting in north London with a company called Video Jug to discuss a series of videos we want to create for visitors to the site. The videos will include advice on dementia challenges, living well with dementia and infomercials about our products to make them more accessible to everyone….I’ve already told asked our lovely dementia nurse Daphne if she’d like to appear in them with me and become an online dementia celebrity. Fortunately she agreed. We’ll be signing autographs soon!

After lunch I sat down with Alex, our commercial executive, to finalise some work we’ve commissioned our charity partner Designability to undertake. We know that wandering is a key concern for carers and that tracking technology can help but there’s so many products available it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when prices can range from £10-£400. So we’ve asked Designability to thoroughly test ten top tracking products and produce an in-depth consumer guide for anyone interested in buying one.


Started with a full team meeting to discuss our priorities, to share ideas, thoughts and inspirations – I love our team meetings they’re always so inspiring. I also had a meeting with a leading book supplier. We’re putting together a list of 50 new adult colouring books (they are everywhere now, aren’t they?). I want Unforgettable to have a really varied and extensive range.


The team has just finished producing a brilliant gift guide for dementia products – perfect for this time of year when you might be wondering what to buy for a loved one with dementia for Christmas.

We also discussed our weekly newsletter and decided it should focus on real life stories. We’re offering £25 vouchers to spend on Unforgettable to anyone who shares their dementia story with us. We know that reading about other people’s journeys and challenges can be helpful, and help remind you that you aren’t alone – and that, after all, is what Unforgettable is all about.

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