Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about fundraising (again!) and the importance of data analysis

With investor presentations looming, I have to admit that this week was a hard slog, involving lots of very late nights and one or two early mornings, not just for me but for Caroline and David, too. It’s not an ideal way to work, and it’s not something that is sustainable long term, but when you’re asking investors for millions of pounds, you have to be fully prepared and ready for anything they might want to know.

Whilst we spent most of the week creating an exciting presentation, a detailed financial model and a credible business plan, I did manage to fit in a few other interesting meetings.
Here’s a few highlights

• I was interviewed by Natalie Healey from the leading independent health and wellbeing site NetDoctor. Looking forward to seeing an article about Unforgettable appearing soon on such a trusted online resource.

• I had a really interesting meeting with Christian Hernandez from White Star Capital. Christian is a venture capitalist who invests in early stage businesses and was able to offer some particularly helpful advice and business insight. I’m very grateful for his support.

• I had a fantastic morning with Dr Claire Royston and her assistant. Claire is Group Medical Director at Four Seasons Health Care which has 350 care homes across the UK. We’re keen to work together and are now trying to formalise a plan.

• I interviewed Conrad Cornelissen for an intern position and was massively impressed. I think he was a little shocked though when I offered him the job on the spot! Conrad started working for us this week as a data analyst and will, I’m sure, be a very valuable member of staff.

• I also met with David Baddiel’s management to talk about a joint project we might be working on together. It’s hugely exciting so fingers crossed…


Two investor presentations took place today. The first required an early 5.30am start but went very well. Caroline, David and I then dashed back to London for our second presentation which also, thankfully, went well.

Overall it was an exhausting day. There’s no doubt that fundraising takes a huge amount of time and effort but when it goes to plan, it’s always satisfying. I’m so grateful for everyone’s hard work and support. Thanks team!

And finally

It’s very exciting to have two data analysts working with us, examining in detail what our customers want. Our interns, Melissa and Conrad, are looking closely at the data we have amassed so far, to work out which website pages are most popular, which aren’t popular, what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. This is essential information – absolutely crucial to the success of Unforgettable – and I’m delighted to have two such impressive young people doing such an important job.

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