Welcome to my blog! So much is happening at Unforgettable. As well as running a fast growing business we’re also in the middle of another fundraising exercise. Here’s a few highlights from the past two weeks

Our team meetings are growing increasingly positive and we’re ahead on almost every target which is great news. Preparations are well underway for the Alzheimer’s Show which is fast approaching (Friday 10 and Saturday 11 June). We’ll have a stand there (D4 – near the Talks & Topics Theatre) and the team t-shirts, hoardings and posters are all ready now and looking good. Come and say hello if you’re attending!

Meeting a dragon and a comedian…

Had a great meeting with Nick Jenkins of BBC2’s Dragons’ Den fame. Nick is also the founder of Moonpig.com and he’s on the investment committee of IVUK, one of our investors. It was fascinating to meet someone with so much experience in e-commerce start-ups. The same day I also met with Lucy from Age UK who has been incredibly helpful and full of advice.

I met comedian and writer David Baddiel for a coffee. We talked about his show My Family: Not The Sitcom and shared some very blunt truths and stories about our experiences of dementia (David’s father has Pick’s disease). It was really interesting to meet him and there may be an opportunity for us to do things together, which is exciting. Spent the rest of the day in our monthly board meeting which offered the usual healthy debate. I’m grateful to all our investors for constantly pushing us.

A royal engagement

Took part in a rather heated meeting with our media agency and creative agency to thrash out our multi-channel marketing campaign. It was good to see people arguing passionately because it shows they really care about what they’re doing for us, and the ideas that came out of the meeting were brilliant. Spent the rest of the day in a much more refined environment….at Buckingham Palace, attending a royal garden party. It was delightful and I managed to get extremely close to The Queen herself which was super cool!

I had a fascinating lunch with Sir Robert Milton Worcester, the founder of Ipsos Mori, it was so interesting to talk about his life and views on polling and how we may be able to work together in the future.

Attending an award ceremony

I was honoured to be invited to attend the National Carers Awards, it was a wonderful evening. I met the CEO of Lloyds Pharmacy, Cormac Tobin, and Louise Martin, who seemed to know all about Unforgettable as well as the minister for community and social care Alistair Burt. But the real stars of the night were the amazing carers who won some well-deserved awards. They included a man who gave up his job to care for his mum who had dementia, and a mum who cares for her two children with learning difficulties whilst coping with the death of her husband from cancer. Heart breaking and humbling.

In brief

I’ve contacted around 50 graphic designers around the world to find someone who could turn a fairly dull PowerPoint presentation into an exciting and powerful experience to show to potential investors. I’m pleased to say I found a great guy from the US who can do it.
I met with Zoe Harris from Care Charts UK to talk about another couple of products she’s hoping to create.

Spent quite a lot of time with Jonathan Gold who is joining us to work part time on product development.

I took David to see some potential new offices I’d found…and he vetoed them all! But we’re going to see more this week…fingers crossed.

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