Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about success and opportunity, and looking back on how far we’ve come and the journey Unforgettable has had.


I started the week with another very positive team meeting. It’s so heartening to know that our customers like what we’re doing and are finding things they want or need.

Feeling encouraged, I headed off to the Fulham offices of Stephen Brenninkmeijer – an extremely successful impact investor who also happens to be part of the family who founded the retail clothes chain C&A. Stephen is a leader in the field of impact investing and one of the founders of the Social Stock Exchange. His ultra-modern office, with stunning views across London, was almost as impressive as his credentials

First, I was led into a beautiful ante-chamber where an expresso coffee awaited me, then a door behind a bookcase opened… and Stephen emerged. It was all very James Bond! We had a fascinating 30-minute conversation during which he shared some very profound stories that really moved me. I have a huge amount of respect for Mr Brenninkmeijer and I sincerely hope our paths will cross again soon.

Meanwhile, back in our basement office in Shoreditch on the hottest day of the year so far, the temperature was rising rapidly. We managed to cool down by eating ice creams but I have to admit that with a staff of ten – and more to come soon – it’s getting rather cramped and we do need to start looking for somewhere bigger. Luckily, I’ve already lined up a few offices to view tomorrow.

Once I’d cooled down sufficiently, I spent the rest of the day getting creative ideas ready for The Alzheimer’s Show in June. We want the Unforgettable stand to be visually striking and there’s a lot more work involved in achieving this than I initially thought. I’m really hoping we can pull it off, but time isn’t on our side.


A crazy day. I visited six potential new office spaces in four hours, in the pouring rain…and on my bike! I started in Whitechapel at 9.30am, Vauxhall at 10am, Kennington at 11am and London Bridge at 12 noon. Although I was a drowned rat by the end of it, I have to admit I’ve fallen in love with one of the spaces I found which has great views over London. It’s not exactly on a par with Stephen Brenninkmeijer’s office (!) but it’s very pleasant. Now I just have to persuade David to take a look…

Next, I went to a Social Stock Exchange (SSX) conference, the aim of which was to connect businesses like ours with individuals in the impact investor market. I met Stephen Brenninkmeijer again, along with Tomas Carruthers, the Chief Executive Officer of the Social Stock Exchange, and I’m looking forward to having further conversations with them both.


I began a short holiday but took lots of work with me to do on the flight because yet again I’m drowning in emails…

And finally

As the business continues to grow, this has been a week of reflection. Preparing for our first Alzheimer’s Show reminded me how far we’ve come since I first went along to the show in 2010. Back then, Unforgettable was just an idea I’d had and I remember walking around, feeling really excited, thinking ‘there’s so much opportunity here.’ Six years later, we’re finally part of such an important event, with something really positive to contribute. And this is only the beginning.

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