Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about board meetings, inspiring products and the power of reminiscence.


I arrived back from holiday at 7am and went straight from the airport into work because I didn’t want to miss our weekly team meeting. With 10 members of staff, the meetings are becoming increasingly important to everyone. Then after boring everyone with my holiday snaps, (I took rather a lot) I spent the rest of the day preparing for our next board meeting which is scheduled for Thursday.


Started the day with a fantastic radio interview on BBC radio Northampton. You can hear it here. The interviewer was brilliant and loved what we’re doing at Unforgettable. He finished off by saying, ‘If there’s one thing you do today go to www.unforgettable.org.’ Perfect.

David and I then had a meeting with Active Minds to discuss how we can work more closely together and spent the rest of the afternoon with the chairman of Unforgettable, Maurice Helfgott, discussing growth and expansion plans…very exciting.


I spent today still preparing for tomorrow’s board meeting (a LOT of work goes into this each month), but also spent time interviewing PR agencies. We’ve got lots of very interesting PR news coming out over the next couple of months. I’m pleased to say we’re now close to choosing one.


The board meeting went really well, and our social investors continue to be supportive and excited about our plans. Our focus now is on compiling a superb catalogue and working on a national advertising campaign. Watch this space…


On Fridays I work as a volunteer with a lovely gentleman called Paul who is living with dementia. This Friday, for the first time, I took some products along with me (the Chatterbox Cards and a jigsaw by Active Minds) to see if Paul liked them…he did.

He loved the jigsaw and the cards had an amazing impact, stimulating a two hour conversation about the 1950s. We talked about National Service, Teddy Boys, cricket and many other sports. I was beginning to worry that we were running out of conversation – but not anymore. In fact, I feel as if I’m really getting to know Paul and I’m looking forward to my next visit. I couldn’t recommend these cards enough.

Thought for the week

Dementia shouldn’t be taboo. Yet despite increasing awareness of the condition – which is very encouraging – many of the issues it raises still remain difficult to talk about. So I’ve decided to start writing a weekly article about some of the most controversial areas which are rarely – if ever – discussed. I’m calling it Dementia’s Dirty Secrets. My first article addresses why carers sometimes lock up their loved ones. It might be controversial, but I want to be honest, lift the lid and spark some much needed debate. And whether you agree with what I say, or think I’m totally wrong, I’d love to hear your opinion too, so please leave comments or start talking about it on our Forums.

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