Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about the challenges of fundraising and the importance of reading your emails!


I returned from a short holiday and tried valiantly to fight off jet lag and work from home…I soon admitted defeat and went back to bed. My working week will begin tomorrow instead.


Started the day meeting fund managers from Ignite, the UK’s first impact investment fund with a focus on energy and environment. Ignite is a very interesting fund with impressive achievements so it was great to learn more about it and get some objective guidance and support on Unforgettable’s next fundraise. A massively helpful meeting.

I then spent quite a lot of time working on our creatives for next month’s Alzheimer’s Show and deciding which products we want to showcase. Later, David, Caroline and I visited our chairman Maurice to present our first version of the new business plan for potential new investors. As always Maurice gave us really instructive feedback and we had a lively debate. Maurice is a fantastic chairman, we are very lucky to be working with him.


I spent time with our product manager Katie who’s working on a presentation that’s happening tomorrow in Zurich to our investor LGT.  I then headed off to meet Johannes and Lennart from the Social Venture Fund, to discuss our next fundraise.


I’m desperately trying to get on top of my emails so today I spent an hour working on them from home before going into the office.  Now I just have to keep it up!

Later, I was interviewed for the social enterprise magazine Pioneers Post, followed by a meeting with MindMate, an app designed to help people with dementia. I’m delighted to say that we’ve now integrated Unforgettable’s Advice and Shop within their app, which adds an exciting new dynamic to our business and, we hope, offers more value to people using the app.

I had a really loving evening, meeting Zoltan Bozoky, Chairman of the Unforgettable Foundation for drinks, along with dementia carer and loyal Unforgettable supporter Stephanie Le Geyt.

And finally…

Unforgettable is entering a new exciting stage of development with our second fundraise. Our first investment enabled us to test and learn whether or not we had a viable sustainable social business. Six months later, we’ve come a long way; we’ve shown we can get suppliers, that there are lots of products out there that address the challenges of people with dementia and that our business model does actually work. Now we’re ready to go further. Of course, fulfilling our aim to become the ‘go to’ place for everyone affected by dementia is going to take lots of money but we’ve been very lucky to have attracted strong demand from potential investors.  Now it’s a case of selecting which investors might add the most value to the business. I have to admit it’s a nice position to be in and an exciting one, too, so watch this space.

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