Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about important meetings about bringing dementia products to high street stores


Started the week visiting our potential new office which we really like. It’s a much bigger space and could represent a significant step up for the business, and we’re now in the final stages of negotiations with Runway East. However, Central Working (our current place of work) is also being very supportive in finding us alternative accommodation, so let’s see how the next few weeks unfold.

I spent the rest of the day in our monthly board meeting which was, as always, intense with some excellent discussion. There’s a lot going on in the business right now and I remain very grateful to have such supportive investors who really believe in us.

Afterwards, I had a handover with our finance director Caroline who is off on holiday tomorrow and needed to fill me in before she goes. Turned into another very long night


Worked on a contract for our new product development manager who came in to talk us through development plans for our first range of products. It turned into a four-hour meeting but I’m pleased to say that Unforgettable’s first products could be on their way very soon!

Later, I met the team from Reclaim Fund Ltd, a fascinating organisation which is responsible for collecting money from dormant bank accounts (accounts that haven’t been touched for 15 years) and distributing the funds to good causes throughout the UK. Funds from English dormant bank accounts are given to Big Society Capital, which invested in Unforgettable. This means that a lot of what we do is possible because of dormant bank accounts so it was lovely to meet the people who manage this process, and they, in turn, were interested to see how we use the funds we’re given.

Finished the day looking at the first draft of our annual social impact report in which we outline how many people we’re helping and what difference we’re making. Katie is compiling the report with help from our intern Melissa. It will be presented to the board and trustees in the autumn.


Had breakfast at the wonderful Sky Garden, a unique public space in London (Europe’s highest garden space). It’s free to visit and offers breath-taking views across London. It was a really magical way to start the day. I then spent the rest of the day in the office working with investors, answering questions and replying to information requests – amazing how much time it takes.


David and I started the day at John Bell & Croyden – undoubtedly the most impressive pharmacy I have ever seen. This massive, beautiful store in Wigmore Street seemed to stock every single pill, potion or gadget you could ever need, along with London’s biggest range of vitamins and motor scooters encrusted with diamonds! We were there to meet representatives from Lloyds Pharmacy to explore ways we can support each other. It was a fantastic meeting with people who seemed open, honest and genuinely able to get things done (a rare combination in the business world). Watch this space…

Spent the afternoon catching up with work in the office. The team went off to a barbeque in the evening and I would have loved to join them but I just had too much to get through.

However, I did manage to go hiking at the weekend with an old school friend. There’s nothing quite like a long, gruelling uphill walk to take your mind off work!

And finally…

My passion for the last five years has been to raise awareness of solutions to help people with dementia, and the number one way you can do that is through having products on the high street. This is why our meeting this week with Lloyds Pharmacy was so exciting and my highlight of the week. Whether we end up doing business with Lloyd’s or Boots or any other high street retailer, I’m absolutely focussed on making this happen. Until we have physical products available for people to buy on the high street we haven’t really normalised the dementia journey – and that’s what Unforgettable is all about.

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