Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about a wonderful night out – and a world first for Unforgettable.

Highlights include

This week Unforgettable had a world first with the launch of our Lasting Power of Attorney service designed entirely for people with dementia. Being able to offer this free service, which could effectively cut out the need for expensive lawyers, is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. so I’m really proud of what we’ve created. We’ve also included an innovative ‘Statement of Wishes’ which helps to address the most difficult ethical and moral problems that families often face when dealing with a dementia diagnosis. We really hope people will want it and use it – please let me know what you think about it, too.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on our radio campaign, currently running on Smooth Radio. If you haven’t had a chance to catch any of the adds yet, listen now. If you were a fan of the recent BBC1 sitcom Boomers, or remember the Seventies hit sitcom Man about the House, you’ll probably recognise the voice as that of much-loved British actress Paula Wilcox. We were delighted with Paula’s work. She told us afterwards that her mum lived with dementia for years and, as a result, she’d found the ad very moving to make.

As ever, I’ve been lucky enough to speak to many fascinating people this week. I was delighted to hear from my previous employer Accenture, asking if they could run an advertising campaign about Unforgettable. Accenture is a massive, global business so it would be amazing to be included in their advertising. Fingers crossed it comes off.

I also gave a presentation to a very interesting angel network. Angel investors, if you don’t already know, are people who support start-up businesses (think Dragons Den and you’ll get the idea). The people I spoke to were very interested in Unforgettable and said they’d like to raise awareness of our business amongst a wider group of angel investors. I’ve spent quite a bit of time progressing our business partnerships with Four Seasons Care Homes, the Virtual Dementia Tour, Lilly UK and others.  So I’ve been pretty busy!

We finished the week attending David Baddiel’s special charity gala performance of his hit show My Family: Not The Sitcom. David hosted the night and donated a third of the profits to The Unforgettable Foundation. The show was hilarious, poignant and incredibly truthful. Our team were there, plus many other friends who have supported the business. We agreed afterwards (in the bar) that it was great to have a bit of fun in what is otherwise a serious business.

And finally…

A dementia diagnosis can send you into the depth of despair and leave you there…or you can try to pull yourself out. For David Baddiel, humour was his way out. ‘With dementia, you can either laugh or cry,’ he says during his one-man show (and he certainly made every one of us laugh). I share the same sentiment. When Mum was diagnosed with dementia I realised I could either sit around thinking the world was coming to an end or I could sit up and try to do something about it. That’s what Unforgettable is all about, and it’s probably why I like working with David so much. Thanks for a great night!

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