Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about the inspiring people I’ve been meeting – and revealing my new stress-busting plan!


David and I started the week in Essex visiting Glenn Knight, Managing Director of Training 2 Care. Glenn runs the Mobile Virtual Dementia Tour which recreates what it feels like for someone with dementia. He is an impressive, dynamic guy who cares passionately that people with dementia are respected and understood. Glenn really likes what we’re doing and often recommends Unforgettable to his customers, which is great news. It’s very clear that we have a lot of common ground and I’m very much looking forward to working with him.


Spent most of the day working with Alex on our first Unforgettable catalogue, the final draft is now ready to go off to the designers and it’s looking good. Spent the rest of the day working on our next fundraising presentation which takes place on Thursday.


Unforgettable is lucky enough to have some great partners but I worry that we’re not making the most of them. Today I spent quite a lot of time working on a new partnership strategy. We’re hoping to recruit someone to handle the process in more depth so that our partners can gain more from their relationship with us – and we from them.

Later, I had an incredible meeting with Danielle Wilde, who is Dementia Lead at London’s Royal Free Hospital.  Danielle has a huge amount of knowledge about dementia and enough drive to make real changes to dementia care, both in hospitals and in the wider community.  Danielle recently wrote an award-nominated comprehensive guide for health workers on treating people with dementia. She has a particular interest in the role of hospitals on the dementia journey, including how to avoid hospital admissions and how to navigate the system if someone with dementia is admitted. I was honoured and humbled that she wanted to speak to us and I’m delighted to be working with her. Back in the office, I spent time preparing for tomorrow’s investor presentation to a venture capital fund….


Really enjoyed today’s presentation which was very well received. I spent the rest of the day working with the team on a whole range of products for a national newspaper press release about dementia products of the future. I also heard from consultancy firm Three Point Zero which works with impact businesses and wants to use Unforgettable as a case study for a Cabinet Office submission they’re making.

Spent the rest of the afternoon circulating the board back for our next board meeting on Monday.

And finally…

The highlight of this week was meeting Danielle Wilde. It’s also very heartening that our investor presentations are generating high levels of interest. However, the business is growing so quickly that we’ve now completely outgrown our office. It’s hard to believe that when we first moved in six months ago it felt like such a big space – now it’s far too small. Let’s hope our new office will be ready soon.

On a personal note, I’m well aware that lots of people have much tougher jobs – and lives – than I do, so in an attempt to gain more perspective (and stop feeling permanently stressed and exhausted) I’ve decided to get back in touch with nature. I’ve invested in a bivvy bag (a waterproof sleeping back which lets you sleep outside without needing a tent) and had my first night sleeping under the stars on Friday. It was amazing, and I’ll definitely be doing it again very soon – whatever the weather!


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