Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about the importance of personalisation and peer support on the dementia journey.

I was a bit poorly this week and didn’t do quite as much as usual but still managed to attend quite a few meetings and see some exciting development for Unforgettable – here’s a few highlights;

• Had a great meeting with our creative agency Antidote which has been working on new branding for us. They unveiled a new logo which we’ll be launching in September and it’s brilliant – I’m really pleased with it. Our board members were very keen for us to change our branding and I’m happy we’ve done it in time for our big marketing push coming up in September (when we’ll also be launching various catalogues and brochures). Antidote is a fantastic agency. Creative director Tim Ashton has personal experience of dementia which is evident in the quality of their work and amount of effort they put in.

• I’m really keen to develop a way to reach all of our customers in a personalised, meaningful way. For example, if you are caring for a loved one in the later stages of dementia, you probably don’t want Unforgettable to tell you all about the activities which might be appropriate for someone in the early or mid-stages. Being able to send our customers more appropriate, meaningful messages would be so beneficial – but how? With this question in mind, I met with a company called Ometria which has the software to help us personalise our customer communications, only sending information which might be helpful and relevant to them. This is a fascinating area of work, which I want to explore further.

• I travelled to north London to meet author and comedian David Baddiel, his brother Ivor and his dad Colin. The family is currently filming a Channel 4 documentary and it was great to meet them all and chat about their dementia journey so far. David and Ivor are brothers just doing their best for their dad – they reminded me of my brother and I when we were caring for Mum. David, as ever, was very funny and so was his dad. I’d taken a few products with me for Colin to try on camera and apparently the crew got some great footage. I’m so grateful to David for inviting me into his home to meet his family, it was a very enjoyable experience.

• I also had excellent news about a charity night taking place in September involving a special celebrity. Can’t say much more about it at this point but it’s going to be amazing! All will be revealed soon…

And finally…

I had a wonderful evening at the pub with Unforgettable contributors Virginia Bailey and Stephanie Le Geyt who are both currently caring for parents with dementia. They’re both fantastic women and I feel very fortunate that they’re so supportive of what we’re doing and keen to discuss their views and ideas about Unforgettable. Spending a few hours laughing, talking and sharing stories remind me how important it can be to get out and meet like-minded people who have similar experiences of dementia – it can be a lot of fun too, especially if a little bit of wine is involved!

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