LloydsPharmacy has announced the rollout of life changing dementia products that will be accessible on the high street and ‘click and collect’ for the first time through a pioneering partnership with Unforgettable.org, the UK’s leading authority on dementia products and services.

From today, a carefully curated range of seven life changing products for carers and those living with dementia will be available from 50 LloydsPharmacy and nine Betterlife from LloydsPharmacy stores. These products support independence, safety, comfort and wellbeing and will be as easy to find as paracetamol or toothpaste. A 2-in-1 Day Clock, Easy Eating Kit and Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds are part of an extensive range, also available online at lloydspharmacy.com for ‘click and collect’ or home delivery.

Available in store:

A Family Guide to Dementia

Containing practical advice and support, this guide contains everything you need to know about caring for a loved one with dementia and will be available in 500 LloydsPharmacy stores.

Easy Eating Kits

As dementia develops dexterity and coordination become more difficult. Designed to give your loved one their independence for longer, these intelligently designed Easy Eating Kits relieve the challenge of eating and drinking.

Ulla, The Simple Drinking Reminder

Dehydration from not drinking enough is often worse for someone living with dementia as dehydration is a leading cause of hospital admissions and a factor in the occurrence of urinary tract infections.

No buttons, no set up. This smart and simple gadget can be popped around any bottle, glass or mug  and will blink brightly to draw attention to the drink and encourage regular hydration.

Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds

The calming sounds and spectrum of coloured lights produced by this cube soothe restlessness and insomnia and provide visual and audio stimulation for those who are bed-bound.

35 piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Engaging and fun to use, these jigsaw puzzles are designed to stimulate memories and conversation.

Made from durable hygienic plastic, the framed backing board ensures they are easy to use.

Buttons and Beads Fiddle Muff

Restless hands can be a difficult challenge when caring for someone with dementia. Cosy and calming, the tactile, stimulating fabrics, colours and attachments of this multi-fabric toy help to keep hands busy and reduce repetitive behaviour, making it an excellent sensory therapy tool.

Available in store:

Simple Music Player

Joyful, comforting and a guardian of memories, music plays an important role in dementia care.
Lift to play, close to stop and load up to 1,000 songs – this Simple Music Player has made listening to music as easy as possible.

Yepzon Super Simple GPS Tracker

Stress, boredom and confusion can cause someone with dementia to get lost. This simple GPS tracker, synced to a free mobile app, will ensure peace of mind and the safety of your loved one at all times.

Attach to keys or bags to avoid misplacing, and easily locate valuables.

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