BoundaryCare (produced by Beatrice Health LLC) is a location-tracking app for iPhone and Apple Watch (iOS), specially designed to help those living with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia.


With BoundaryCare installed, you can monitor your loved one’s whereabouts via iPhone and receive alerts when they leave or enter a user-defined safe zone.

BoundaryCare uses an Apple Watch (GPS + cellular) and an iPhone (devices not included).

Key Features

Accurate Location-Monitoring

GPS and cellular service show your loved one’s location (and history) at intervals you choose.

Emergency Tracking Mode

Sometimes waiting isn’t an option. Tap to display your loved one’s location in real time.

User-Defined Safe Zones

Define safe zones (geofencing) where your loved one is secure. Create complex zones for walking or driving routes.

Exit/Entry Alerts

Alerts when your loved one exits a safe zone—or returns to one.

Low Battery

Alerts if your loved one’s watch drops below 20% power.

Disconnection Alerts

Alerts if the watch can’t be reached—such as if it has lost power or is out of network.

Location History

Review the past twelve hours of your loved one’s location.

Caregiver Groups

Add Co-Caregivers to support a loved one—or add multiple loved ones needing your support.

Minimum Requirements:

BoundaryCare requires a Series 3, 4 or 5 Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) for the loved one, as well as an iPhone. (Android version not yet available.)


BoundaryCare is a subscription-based app. It costs $9.99 USD or £9.99 GBP per month, paid through the App Store. (Apple Watch and iPhone not included)


Follow the link to the App Store to download BoundaryCare for Apple Watch

About Beatrice Health LLC:

Based in Minnesota (USA), Beatrice Health LLC is dedicated to helping dementia patients and their caregivers with digital solutions. We specialize in apps that use the Apple Watch. No amulets, pendants, or other oddball devices with terrible battery life; we start with the world’s finest digital watch, and make it better—keeping your loved one safe and independent, with dignity.

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