At Re:Cognition Health we are dedicated to changing the future for those with memory loss and other symptoms of cognitive impairment.

Led by a team of cognitive health experts, we provide individuals, who are clinically eligible, the opportunity to access the most advanced treatments available, worldwide, at no cost.

Our collective passion for finding a cure for dementia is demonstrated through our reputation as a global leader in enrolling individuals onto ground-breaking international clinical studies.

Re:Cognition Health has clinics in London, Surrey, Plymouth and Washington DC. Our Birmingham clinic is located in the Edgbaston Medical Quarter.

What are you currently working on?
We understand that Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia and is an unacceptable problem. In recognition of this problem, we are proud to offer access to leading medical care available in a number of innovative clinical trials.

At our Birmingham clinic, our multi-disciplinary team run clinical trials for individuals with cognitive impairment. This includes those who have been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment or Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as individuals who are not experiencing any memory impairment.

For example, the GENERATION study is recruiting individuals aged 60-75 years, who have not been diagnosed with any memory impairment, but have a specific form of a gene (APOE4) that can increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The majority of people do not have this gene and consenting volunteers will undertake a simple cheek swab test to confirm their gene status.

Whilst the APOE4 gene can increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, this does not necessarily mean you will get develop symptoms of Alzheimer’s in the future.

The importance of this study was recently highlighted by Dr Emer MacSweeney, CEO & Medical Director of Re:Cognition Health, who commented:

“Prevention has to be the way forward; this new study is an opportunity for you and future generations in your family, to reduce the risk of developing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.”

The ‘ETHERAL’ study is another exciting clinical research study that will investigate the neuro-degenerative condition treated with an agent which acts as a DNA repair kit. It is designed to restore memory and reverse behavioural changes, such as aggression and social avoidance.

These factors cause certain coding components of our genes to switch on and off, with resultant damaging effects on our cognitive brain cells. The study drug is designed to ‘reset’ our genes so they correctly control the behaviour of our cognitive brain cells, to improve memory, decrease agitation, improve social behaviour and reverse symptoms.

Dr Emer MacSweeney comments: “This is a game-changing, novel approach which could benefit people with Alzheimer’s and any neuro-degenerative disease. Instead of working on the pathology of Alzheimer’s specifically, it is designed to repair damage to the genes that influence how nerves are going to behave”

To learn more about these studies simply visit our website

Why this is important?
Clinical trials are essential for advancing our understanding of medicine. They can also improve the healthcare and quality of life for everyone affected by dementia and cognitive impairment.

Involvement in clinical trials enables individuals to gain early-access to new-generation medications, at no cost. In addition to the potential personal benefit of early access to a new treatment, volunteers also have an important global impact on our ability to treat a given condition.

All medical costs are covered by the study sponsor, so the very best care and medical facilities are provided at no cost to the individual.

Peter Brabner, whose wife Helen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 73, is supporting her through a clinical study and is delighted to be part of a potentially life-changing study. He comments:

“If someone has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease I would say get in touch with Re:Cognition Health: they are doing excellent work and look after you so well throughout the process. We are realistic that we may not find a cure in Helen’s lifetime, but we are hoping to help other people in some way. Also, by doing something positive and pro-active about it, is good for us both.”
Helen began a clinical trial with Re:Cognition Health at our Guildford clinic in December 2016

How to get involved with research trials?
The process to register for a clinical trial is simple and our team our available to answer any questions that you, or a loved one, might have about participating.

Simply get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of this page and a member of our dedicated team will be able to provide additional information about Re:Cognition Health and the clinical trials available. You can also register here.

This initial call is intended to provide you with the opportunity to discuss your memory problems with an experienced member of our team. We will use the information that you communicate to determine which memory study is most appropriate for you. We take patient safety extremely seriously and are regulated by the MHRA as well as by study sponsors.

If you are found to meet the initial eligibility criteria for one of the studies, we will arrange an appointment for you at our clinic. There is no cost associated with this appointment and we are also able to reimburse reasonable travel expenses.

During your initial consultation, you’ll be welcomed by our experienced multi-disciplinary team of Doctors, Psychologists and Nurses. You will undergo a comprehensive cognitive and physical assessment, both of which are designed to determine whether you are right for the study and, most importantly, that the study is right for you.

The results of these tests will allow the team to make an informed, clinical judgement, as to whether participating in a study is in your best interests.

If you meet the initial entry criteria for the study, you will proceed to the next stage of the screening process. This will include diagnostic procedures, such as state-of-the-art MRI and PET scans, all at no cost to you.

We are committed to ensuring that you are fully informed and supported at all times. We also require your study partner to accompany you to your appointment. This individual can be a spouse, relative, close friend or anyone else who you see regularly. Get in touch with our team if you’d like further information about the role of a study partner.

If you are concerned about your memory or have noticed that a loved one is experiencing any of the symptoms of cognitive impairment mentioned above, contact us today.

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