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Knowing the person should be at the heart of any care plan and having access to Life Story, memories, preferences and interests that are up to date and relevant can vastly enhance person centred care.

RemindMe Care (aka ReMe) delivers activities digitally making it possible to bespoke them to the profile of the person and to capture outcomes. The result is knowledge that’s invaluable for the care process, whether used by family, carers or care businesses – and which most importantly, makes activities more fun for everyone.

Whether reminiscence, cognitive stimulation, music, entertainment or conversations, and whether presented on tablets, TV, mobiles, touch tables or using Alexa, ReMe optimises improves person centred care. This workshop will present how to use ReMe to deliver engaging activities, entertainment and conversations, build a repository of knowledge that can support the care process, as well as establish remote connectivity and care monitoring. It will present the process for enhancing person centred care quickly, cheaply and easily.

RemindMe Care is built by founders Simon Hooper & Etienne Abrahams to bring tech to bear on the care issues of the day that are currently under served by the cutting edge solutions that are available. ReMe intends to be a fun and engaging means to improve the delivery of person centred care, enable remote and self-care management, achieve better family and community engagement, enhance entertainment and bring digital inclusion for those being cared for. As a social impact care system, that’s free for the consumer and low cost for care businesses, ReMe is a new form of connected care that puts the consumer in control, whilst also supporting businesses enhance their delivery of person centred care. As such, ReMe aims to play its part in the transformation of care that’s happening today.

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