From football to light therapy, Skype to err, Angela Rippon, we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of dementia and memory loss news on Unforgettable over the past week.

10 expert ways to design a dementia-friendly garden

The beginning of the week marked the start of National Gardening Week, and we had some expert tips from Mark MacCarty, of Primetower Care, a residential care provider with two homes in Dorset, on creating a garden for someone with dementia.

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Dementia and the beautiful game

With news that three 1966 World Cup winners have dementia, the FA want an investigation into whether there’s a link between football and dementia.

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Light therapy helps people with dementia sleep better

A small study has found using light therapy boxes can help improve sleep and reduce agitation in nursing home residents with dementia.

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Creating Moments of Joy

Scent expert and carer Linda Harman explains that the conversations and experiences you have with a loved one with dementia may seem repetitive to you, but to them they can represent real Moments of Joy, and should be welcomed and encouraged.

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Lewy body and Parkinson’s dementia frequently misdiagnosed

Professors from King’s College London claim these two lesser-known dementias need greater recognition so patients aren’t given inappropriate medicines.

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Brain scans from 100,000 people could help in bid to find dementia cure

Scientists are scanning brains to create a collection of images that could help lead to new research breakthroughs faster.

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Dementia and embarrassing behaviour: how to cope

It’s common for someone with dementia to occasionally act in an odd or embarrassing way with their carer. This handy advice blog provide information on why it might happen, tips on how to handle it and some interesting stories from members of the Unforgettable team…

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Video chat may help to reduce agitation in people with dementia

Using video calling programmes such as Skype or Facetime could help to keep nursing home residents with dementia calm, says an Australian psychiatrist.

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How To Stay Young: revealing the secrets to healthy brain aging

The BBC1 show, fronted by 71-year-old Angela Rippon, had plenty of ideas on how to stave off cognitive decline and keep the brain healthy.

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