From the heart-warming story about dementia-friendly supermarket staff to tips on keeping cool in warm weather, we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of dementia news on Unforgettable over the past week.

How carer ‘passports’ help support those with dementia in hospital

Two hospitals in Dorset are the latest to introduce a scheme that lets carers visit a loved one with dementia in hospital outside of visiting hours.

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Supermarket and police work together to help woman with dementia

Demonstrating a heart-warming example of a dementia-friendly community, a lady who became confused and upset while shopping was helped by staff at a Sainsbury’s and the local police.

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Putting on make-up – a new dementia therapy?

A Japanese study has found applying make-up – known as ‘cosmetic therapy’ – could halt the progress of dementia symptoms

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Alzheimer’s disease: In the eye of the beholder?

A new technology designed to detect Alzheimer’s in the back of the eye before the onset of symptoms has been created.

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Hot stuff: Warm weather advice for people with dementia

British summers are notoriously unreliable, but if hot weather does occur, here’s how to keep a loved one with dementia healthy and safe.

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