It was Dementia Awareness Week and there was a host of interesting news stories, tv shows and real life stories that appeared on Unforgettable over the past week.

Two thirds feel dementia diagnosis would mean ‘life is over’

An Alzheimer’s Society survey has found dementia is so feared that many assume their life is over after a diagnosis, while 56% of people put off seeking a diagnosis.

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Founder James Ashwell was interviewed for the Guardian online

We were thrilled to see some great feedback from an article that James did with the Guardian online, where he talked about setting up the business and what he hopes to achieve from our new Lasting Power of Attorney service.

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Stephanie’s story: ‘We just want Mum to be happy – and she often is’

Stephanie Le Geyt, 27, shares her experience of caring for her mum Denise with her father and two sisters. Denise was diagnosed with early-onset dementia at the age of 53.

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12 dos and don’ts on how to behave from those living with dementia

A group of people living with dementia have created a list of ways to treat or behave around them to aid communication and boost integration.

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Barefoot running helps boost memory

Running without shoes on has been found to boost cognitive performance, according to a study from the University of North Florida.

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Elderly carers in their 80s are an ‘invisible army’ say Age UK

The number of people aged over 80 who are caring for someone has rocketed to an estimated 417,000 in the last seven years. We investigate the report.

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Chris’ story: ‘It was an emotional roller coaster – but technology helped’

Chris Moon-Willems, from Sussex, talks about her mum Beryl who lived with dementia for more than 30 years.

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MP Dennis Skinner sings to care home residents with dementia

The MP for Bolsover used to sing to his late mother when she was diagnosed with the disease, and has carried on the tradition in a care home in Derbyshire.

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TV Review: The Truth About Dementia with Angela Rippon

TV presenter Angela Rippon delved into the world of dementia last night, looking at the latest research and ways to avoid it.

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