From diabetes links to preventing money scams on people with dementia, we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of Unforgettable over the past week.

68% worry about memory loss – 1 in 10 think tech may cause it

A recent report has found the over-50s are concerned about their memory, with 59% noticing a degree of decline in the past five years.

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Alzheimer’s can lead to diabetes, but diabetes drugs could treat it

New research has confirmed the strong link between dementia and diabetes, and how drugs for diabetes could be key in helping with Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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Kirsty’s story: ‘We’ve had so many laughs and smiles along the way’

When she moved in with her nan five years ago, Kirsty Elgar assumed it was only a temporary arrangement. But when it became clear that Nanny Jean had dementia, Kirsty, 27, made a decision which was to change her life for ever. Here she shares her experience of caring for Jean, who’s 87.

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GPs: ‘What’s the point in early dementia diagnosis if there’s no support?’

Doctors claim diagnosing dementia in the early stages is rendered pointless if people aren’t then given the necessary help and support.

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Banks should do more to protect those with dementia

Report highlights the problems of scammers for the elderly and vulnerable, and claims more needs to be done to protect them.

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Taking medication when you have dementia

Remembering to take pills and ensuring you take them at the right time is vital, but how can you do this when you have dementia? We investigate the challenges and the products that can help.

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