We take a look at what’s been going on in the world of Unforgettable over the past week.

Chronic stress and anxiety linked to higher risk of dementia

A review of research has confirmed that too much stress can lead to dementia. We look into what the links are…

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James’ blog: Sleepless nights of a social entrepreneur

This week founder James Ashwell was talking about pressure, ping pong, and more dementia products.

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Dementia calling: phones for people with dementia

Phones can be challenging pieces of equipment for a person with dementia, but they can also be a lifeline. We’ve created a special product advice blog providing tips and suggestions to enable your loved one to continue using a phone as their dementia journey progresses.

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Victory for carers affected by benefit cap

This week the government announced it will be changing the law so those receiving Carer’s Allowance will no longer be affected by the benefit cap.

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Suzy’s dementia story: ‘We live with loss but are closer than ever.’

We spoke to the inspirational Suzy Webster this week, who shares her experiences of caring for her mum, Barbara, 69, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and hydrocephalus in 2012.

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Most adults too scared to mention memory problems to doctor

New research has found only one in four people would bring up concerns about memory in a routine health check-up.

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