We take a look at what’s been going on in the world of dementia news on Unforgettable over the past week.

Michael Palin: Terry Jones’ dementia is ‘painful to watch’

The Monty Python actor and presenter wrote an emotional post on his Facebook page after a meet-up with Terry Jones.

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‘Losing Ralph was dreadful, but I know he’d be happy for me now’

Frances Dunscombe was devoted to her husband Ralph and cared for him at home when he was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Here Frances, 84, explains how she coped – and reveals the surprising new direction her life has now taken.

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6 Lasting Power of Attorney DO’s and DON’TS

Mental capacity assessors TSF Consultants share their tips on what you need to think about when setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney.

The truth about having a mental capacity assessment

Say the phrase ‘mental capacity assessment’ and most people feel a sense of dread and foreboding but that shouldn’t be the case. Tim Farmer, the UK’s foremost expert in the assessment of mental capacity, explains why it should be seen as a good thing.

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Study brews possibility of coffee reducing dementia risk

Research looks into whether there’s a potential link between caffeine consumption and incidence of dementia in older women.

Read about the study here.

Paula’s story: ‘Mum was so blessed to have Dad there’

She’s the voice behind Unforgettable’s powerful new radio campaign, and here Britain’s much-loved actress Paula Wilcox explains why dealing with dementia is a subject so close to her heart.

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Number of people dying with dementia doubled since 2001

There’s been a two-fold increase in the number of Britons over the age of 65 dying with the disease, making it one of the greatest health risks for older people.

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