From dementia-friendly car parking spaces to cannabis as a dementia medication, we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of dementia over the past week.

Recognising the need for dementia-friendly car parking spaces

Middlesbrough is the latest town to set up car park spaces designed for people with dementia.

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Research confirms donated blood WON’T transmit Alzheimer’s

Swedish research finds there’s no increased risk of dementia if you’ve received a blood transfusion from someone with the disease.

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Researchers studying genetic dementia risks get £1.75m grant

Scientists will be taking steps to try to identify people more at risk of developing dementia in later life.

Sophie’s choice: ‘Caring for Gran has changed my life’

When Violet Rogers was diagnosed with dementia, her granddaughter Sophie decided to give up her career and independence to care for her beloved gran. Here Sophie, now 29, shares the highs and lows of the dementia journey and explains why she knows she made the right choice.

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Compounds in cannabis could be used to treat dementia

A study claims cannabinoids have an anti-inflammatory effect which could help fight the toxic effect of proteins that cause Alzheimer’s.

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