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Using the scent of lavender in dementia care

Scent expert Linda Harman explains how a trip to the lavender fields of Provence and the benefits she’s seen in her mother is what inspired her to create a lavender pillow for people with dementia.

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Dementia’s dirty secret #1: When carers lock up their loved ones

James Ashwell explains why many carers resort to desperate measures to keep a loved one with dementia safe, and explores alternative methods.

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New plans in place to build dementia-friendly towns

The head of NHS England says it’s vital that health angles are considered when building new communities, to help tackle issues such as dementia and obesity.

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New brain scans can confirm dementia, even when patient is alive

A study has found a type of scan could definitively diagnose dementia, and even pick it up in its earliest stages.

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The joy of children for people with dementia

An increasing amount of care homes are recognising how beneficial it is for their residents to spend time with young children. We look at how this is being done…

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Boosting appetite for someone with dementia

Has your loved one with dementia gone off meals? Perhaps they’ve lost confidence in the kitchen? Care providers Seniors Helping Seniors provide some suggestions…

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Silver surfers less likely to develop cognitive impairment

A Mayo Clinic study found elderly computer users were 42% less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment, a precursor to dementia.

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