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People with dementia wrongly told it’s a ‘mid-life crisis’ by GPs

Middle-aged people with symptoms of dementia are being misdiagnosed by doctors who aren’t always aware of the wide range of signs of the disease

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How can companion care help someone with dementia?

For those with mild symptoms of dementia, having someone visit who can help out with odd jobs around the house can be a useful way of maintaining independence

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Male dementia carers less likely to ask for help than female carers

A new report by Alzheimer’s Australia has found male carers for people with dementia are less likely to seek support or advice

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Dehydration and dementia

While the overall risk of dehydration can increase as you get older, the risk is particularly acute if you have dementia. Here’s how to spot it and prevent it…

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Depression could be a cause of dementia as well as a symptom

A study suggests your emotional health is implicated in the risk factors for developing dementia, rather than just an early symptom

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