From radio shows and apps to why keeping busy could be good for you, we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of Unforgettable over the past week.

Radio Recall: How radio and TV clips are helping to rekindle memories

Ever noticed how a TV theme tune or newsreel can spark memories from a forgotten time? That’s the idea behind a new show called Radio Recall, on BBC Radio Scotland, which we’ve looked into this week.

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Unforgettable partners with the dementia app MindMate

We’re really excited to announce our partnership with MindMate, by integrating the Unforgettable Shop into their app.

Read more about the app here.

James’ blog: Why the price isn’t always right…

In his latest weekly blog, James talks about a subject which is very close to his heart; the reasons why many dementia products are more expensive than we’d like and what Unforgettable is doing about it.

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Keeping busy could improve cognitive skills

New research claims having a hectic schedule could actually help boost brain connections, but why could this be?

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Chronic pain often goes unnoticed in people with dementia

People living with cognitive decline are less likely to complain about any health problems, and so need more attention from health professionals, says a new study.

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