We take a look at what’s been going on in the world of Unforgettable over the past week.

Joining a choir can help couples affected by dementia

A new study has found singing in a choir improved the relationship between someone with dementia and their carer.

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James’ blog: difficult meetings and personalised jigsaws

This week the founder was talking about people who impress him…and people who don’t, plus exciting press coverage and meetings with a charity partner.

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Think positive to reduce your risk of dementia

A new study claims people who think negatively about getting older are more likely to experience changes in the brain that could lead to dementia.

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3D video games could help slow memory loss in those with dementia

A new study has found playing Super Mario 3D boosted performance in memory tests by 12%.

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Could a glass of wine a day reduce your chance of dying from dementia?

New research has investigated whether people with Alzheimer’s disease can reduce their risk of dying from dementia by drinking a glass of wine a day.

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And finally…
Unforgettable celebrated their Christmas party on Wednesday – a pot luck Christmas dinner which featured a range of dishes all cooked and brought in by the team.

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