We take a look at what’s been going on in the world of Unforgettable over the past week.

UK to become most dementia-friendly society in the world

The health secretary Jeremy Hunt is determined to boost diagnosis rates and help people live well with the condition to make the UK the most dementia-friendly society by 2020.

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Dementia’s dirty secrets #2: Driving, dementia and breaking the law

Founder James Ashwell reveals why many people with dementia continue to drive when they shouldn’t, and spills the beans about the illegal measures relatives admit taking to keep loved ones – and others – safe on the roads.

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75% of people don’t know you can reduce dementia risk

A survey by ARUK has found only 25% of people realise making lifestyle changes can reduce dementia risk.

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Muhammad Ali spends his time reminiscing over old fights and interviews

Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali copes with his Parkinson’s disease by spending his days watching videos of his old fights on YouTube.

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Gum disease linked to greater cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s

Brush up on your dental hygiene because a small study has found inflammation caused by gum disease can hasten decline within the brain.

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