From canine IQ to dementia-related sugary cravings, we take a look at what’s been going on in dementia news over the past week.

Telling the time when you have dementia

We explain why people living with dementia can find it increasingly difficult to tell the time – and show you how a dementia clock may help…

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Could dog IQ test provide link between human intellect and dementia?

A test designed to look at the IQ of man’s best friend has discovered when it comes to clever canines, humans and dogs aren’t that different, and this could have implications for finding a link between intelligence and health problems

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Anxiety pills NOT linked to increased dementia risk

Taking benzodiazepines (pills used for anxiety and insomnia) is not associated with an increased risk of dementia, says new study.

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Abnormal eating habits and the link to frontotemporal dementia

A study this week has found that having frontotemporal dementia (sometimes known as Pick’s disease) can result in sugary cravings and unusual eating patterns.

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How can home monitoring help someone with dementia?

You may think it’s all a bit Big Brother, but a home monitoring system can make a real difference when it comes to maintaining the safety of a loved one with dementia.

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Being a couch potato in 30s and 40s shrinks brain in later life

People who fail to exercise and are unfit in mid-life are likely to have smaller brains decades later, says a new study.

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