If your mother has been diagnosed with dementia, the way you celebrate special occasions and holidays may change. It can become more difficult to communicate your appreciation and love as dementia progresses, but there are still ways to continue to make meaningful connections with your loved ones. This Mother’s Day, show your mother or grandmother that while the disease changes a lot of things, it won’t ever change your love for her. We’ve made this gift guide full of suggestions for presents that will bring a smile to their face as well as make their dementia journey a little easier.

The Live Better With Reminder Day Clock

People living with dementia can often find it difficult to keep track of time, and reading clock faces can become a challenge. Our Reminder Day Clock is designed to be clear and easy to see, and includes 20 pre-set reminders for keeping routine. There’s even an adjustable face that can say as much or as little as necessary for the user, meaning it can adapt with them on their journey. If your mum has been having difficulty keeping up with appointments, help her stay organised with the Live Better With Reminder Day Clock. Whatever stage she is at in her journey, independence and reassurance can be regained with the help of this truly customisable, easy to use day clock.

Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzles

Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzles have been specially designed to be fun, easy to see and not too challenging. They make a great activity for boosting mood, and the pictures have been selected to stimulate conversation and nostalgia. The pieces are made of a durable, wipe-clean plastic and each set comes with a frame box to help you get started. We all love doing activities with our mum on Mother’s Day, but for people living with dementia it can sometimes feel hard to keep up. Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzles create a fun experience for everyone to enjoy with their vibrant, fun and memory inspiring pictures.

Your Unforgettable Life Story Book

While people living with dementia may struggle to remember certain things, they can often vividly recall events from their past. The Your Unforgettable Life Story Book is filled with memory prompt cards that include questions for you to fill out and enjoy reminiscing together. Remembering past experiences can provide great joy and solace for everyone involved, and can be especially useful for boosting mood with people with dementia. This book can provide a useful tool for documenting the times you and a loved one have spent together, now and for all of the special occasions to come.

Unforgettable Music Player & Digital Radio

Music has a powerful influence for people living with dementia. Favourite songs have often been found to unlock old memories and emotions even at the later stages of a person’s journey. That’s why the Unforgettable Music Player & Digital Radio makes a great gift this Mother’s Day. The large, coloured buttons and simple display screen mean this radio player is much easier to use than many on the market. The interface can even be adapted so that it can be operated using only one button, avoiding confusion.

The Original Chillow Pillow

Sleep is important for consolidating memories and getting enough deep sleep is known to help improve memory retention. Looking after someone with dementia can be stressful and mean interrupted sleep for the carer too. People living with dementia can experience changed sleep patterns and find it more difficult to have a restful night. The Original Chillow® is a cooling pillow mat that gently reduces body temperature to a more comfortable level for anyone struggling to sleep, making it easier to drift off.

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