Tomo helps you stay well by encouraging you to build healthy habits with the support of a community.

Get reminders to stay active, connected to your family and friends, and keep up life’s basics. 

The tomo app will: 

  • help you find healthy habits that work for you; 
  • schedule them on a flexible and regular basis; 
  • bring you into a community of other users where you can help each other reach your goals together.

Why we recommend Tomo

  • We think tomo is a great way to stay healthy and happy. The community makes it fun to use and it is an NHS-approved app, that is recommended by doctors and therapists in the UK and beyond.
  • Tomo is based on Behavioural Activation, a therapy that is a core part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and is used worldwide to help manage mental health conditions. 
  • It is comforting and inspiring seeing how many other people out there are working to build better mental health. 
  • We’ve got you a 20% discount on their three months course which includes exclusive content from consultant psychiatrists for just £6.40/month!

How it works

Every day you do good things for your mental health. Maybe you get out of bed, walk the dog, or even just drink a glass of water. Turn these simple activities into habits, and you will stay healthy for longer.   

Tomo is there to help you do that by working out what habits are right for you, helping you schedule them on a regular basis, and bringing you into a community where you can share your journey.

Head to their website to set up your account and then download the app to get started on your Android or iOS device.

Their friendly chat bot will help you pick the right habits for you, from a collection of over 70 healthy activities. Tomo can send you gentle reminders to help you keep your healthy habits going. 

Every time you do an activity, you post a photo celebrating your success with the Tomo community. When you share a photo, other members will validate it for you.

Once they have checked Tomo they let you know. Then it is your turn to help some other people out.

To help you out, Tomo’s clinical director Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya has written a three month Tomo course, that will show you how to make your behaviour sustainable. This includes access to the app, for Live Better With members they are offering an exclusive 20% discount so you pay a discounted price of £6.40/month (rrp £7.99).

Sam, Southampton

Moving isn’t as easy as it used to be, and when I spend too much time on the sofa I can get low, so I used Tomo to help me get out of the house more. After the first month it started to become a habit …so yes, I found something, yay! It really helped me.

Angela, Reading

I really liked posting the photos, its like Instagram but there’s no pressure because it is anonymous. I genuinely feel like there is more time in my life if I know I have to do my healthy habits a few times a week.


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