We’re really excited to announce our partnership with MindMate, by integrating the Unforgettable Shop into their app.

Today marks the start of a great partnership with the dementia app MindMate. If you download the app (available for iOS for iPhones and iPads), and navigate to the shop, you’ll see all the products available on the Unforgettable SHOP section.

MindMate is a unique dementia app, which can be downloaded in three versions. You have a choice of MindMate, which is designed for the individual living with dementia, MindMate Plus, which is for (family) caregivers, and MindMate Pro, which is especially designed for residential care.

The apps provide platforms to support those living with dementia, and those who care for them. Some of the capabilities include reminders, health and nutrition advice, to-do lists, space to write the person’s life story, music, games, chat and video calls and, if you’re a professional carer or care home, the ability to create multiple profiles.

Now, if you download the app, you can click on the SHOP section of MindMate and buy products directly from our site!

For more information on MindMate, visit http://www.mindmate-app.com/ or download it from the App Store.

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