Vlogger Virginia Bailey is in training for a charity cycle ride to raise money for dementia charities, so she was thrilled to meet Chris Graham a man living with dementia who recently completed a 16,000 mile cycle ride around America and Canada. In this vlog, Virginia and friend, Emma, go along to the launch of Chris’ book ‘Five Minutes of Amazing’ to meet him.

Watch the video below:

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So me and Roomy (real name Emma) are to heading to Chorleywood and we are excited to be meeting this amazing guy Chris and his wonderful wife Vicky.

So we are hopefully going to get some inspiration from him and his 16 thousand-mile bike ride around North America and learn a little bit more about him and how life has been for him living with dementia.

So are you looking forward to it Roomy?

I am…

So we are just at, just at Chorleywood Church and we are just about to go into the Book Club, which we are both very excited about.

We just met Chris and Vicky and they seem amazing, you know I’m almost a little bit star-struck because you know they just seem like amazing people.

I probably won’t record during it but we’ll eh touch base again when we finish.

So we are now sat down and we are about 5 minutes away from the talk starting. There’s eh front row seats and a really great vibe in her, really big crowd in here and there are a lot of people who haven’t yet heard or um read the book. So I‘m really excited to sit and watch and listen, yep!

So we’ll check in with you in a bit!

Well that was unbelievable, wasn’t it Roomy?

Yes, I am so unbelievably inspired now and if I wasn’t inspired by the talk then I’d be inspired by the fact that in my book it now says, ‘Hey Emma…Grow a set!’.


So apparently I can’t complain how about how slow our cycle ride is because we know nothing.

We don’t.

And mine says, ‘If in doubt then peddle, smile and laugh!’. That was from his amazing Wife Vicky, she is just different you know, she is unreal, both of them are just, you know they’ve just blown me away.

I think it’s the message, you know, none of us really know what we are going to be dealt, but what we can control is how we are going to react to it. I think that is kind of a lesson for everyday, like living in the moment but also reacting as positively and taking as much as you can from a situation and I am like unbelievably inspired.

Aww yes ridiculous, and it’s like you know, and it’s things like you know he was like cycling over rattle snakes and am grizzly bears and all sorts. I just don’t think we are going to get that in North Wales.

I’m just like, not a 100% sure that there are gonna be rattle snakes….Sheep, maybe lots of sheep, sheep and hills.

And if you haven’t read it, look I’m not a reader, read it! Read the book.

Thank you for sharing your story, I think that the more that we can talk the more that we can raise awareness and this is so important.

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