Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of Unforgettable – the world’s best marketplace for dementia products and services – on World Alzheimer’s Day.

The story of Unforgettable started two years ago, when founder James Ashwell came to social investment company Bridges Ventures with the idea of setting up a website that would provide a place to get information on dementia, a supportive community and a wide array of useful products to help with the daily challenges of living with dementia.

He was inspired after caring for his own mother, who had frontotemporal dementia (often known as Pick’s disease). He found that he and his family struggled to find a range of products that could help her live well and stay happy. You can read his story and see him talk about his experiences in the founder’s video.

James realised that he wanted a site where he could find products that could help with different challenges of dementia, but would also provide advice and information and a supportive community and forum. That’s when he came up with the idea for Unforgettable.

Now we’re excited to reveal the new site and encourage you to take a look around, read some of the ADVICE articles, catch up on the latest dementia news and real life stories in our BLOG, start chatting on our FORUM, and discover products from our SHOP.


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