Lifted and Hive+

Connected care in your home

Hive Link + Lifted

We’ve partnered with Hive to bring you reassurance at a glance. Smart sensors get to know you or your loved one’s routine, and send notifications if something out of the ordinary happens. The Lifted team will check it out and keep you updated so you know all is well wherever you are.

How it works

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    Get in touch to find out more

    Chat to us online or give us a call. We can tell you more about Hive Link. Together we'll make sure it's right for you and your loved ones.

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    Get Hive Link installed

    We’ll get the Hive Link installed for you by an expert engineer. They'll take care of everything. It will be fully personalised for your family.

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    Enjoy peace of mind

    Lifted will get notified if something unexpected happens. We'll call to check everything is ok, and let you know if we can't reach your loved one.

How it helps you and your family

  • Smart sensors learn your loved one's routine

    Smart sensors learn your loved one's routine

    Our smart plugs and sensors use pattern detection to get to know your loved one's routines and detect any changes, without using cameras. For example, they can detect if the kettle isn’t popped on at its usual time in the morning.
  • The Activity Log keeps you up to date

    The Activity Log keeps you up to date

    Read what's going on in real-time in the Activity Log on your Hive app, so you get the reassurance you need if you can’t be there. See if the front door has been open for a while, or your loved one hasn’t entered the kitchen that day.
  • If anything unexpected happens, Lifted will check it out

    If anything unexpected happens, Lifted will check it out

    If your loved one is not following their usual routine in the morning or at night, or if the front door has been left open longer than normal, you and the Lifted team will get a notification on your phone. We will check it out, and give your loved one a call to make sure everything is alright. If we can’t reach them, we’ll let you know.
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Our care platform

We've created an innovative platform to make it easy for you to find, book and keep up to date with care all on your phone.

Interested in knowing more?

Give us a call or fill in the form to find out how we can help. All our Customer Success Team have personal experience caring for loved ones and can answer all your questions. 020 397 26546

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Peace of mind at your fingertips

Keep up to date with your loved one’s care wherever you are with the Lifted app.