Start a Job with a Purpose : Become a Carer

Do you enjoy helping people? Do you feel that helping individuals with their personal care needs would be valuable, satisfying work? If so, becoming a Lifted carer would be a perfect career choice.

When you join the Lifted family, you’ll be joining a family of carers dedicated to providing clients with the best possible care.

Benefits of Being a Carer

The rewards of being a carer don’t just come from a salary. Payment also comes in the form of gratitude and appreciation. 

Below are other benefits you will enjoy as a carer:

  • An elevated sense of wellbeing: There is something about helping people that makes the heart feel good. That sense of warmth comes from helping others. Please don’t take our word for it. It’s science. According to various studies, helping others also helps us.

  • Flexible schedules: Working as a carer, you’ll have the flexibility to focus on your caregiving role and improve your own life.
  • Continuous learning opportunities: Every client is different, and their needs are constantly changing. Working as a carer, you’ll constantly learn new ways to care for and connect with your clients.
  • Building relationships: Building positive relationships with clients is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of being a carer. You’ll meet lots of new people who need your services. And by taking great care of them, you will build a high level of trust.
  • Great rewards: At Lifted Care, we value our carers and appreciate what they do. To show our appreciation, we pay our staff up to 20% above the market rate.
  • Get qualified: You will earn a care qualification via our comprehensive training scheme.

Is Caring the Right Profession for You?

It takes a special kind of person to be passionate about helping others and willing to take on the challenges of the job. You will know if being a carer is suitable for you if:

You enjoy one-on-one interactions with people. Carer jobs require you to work closely with people. You’ll be spending lots of time with clients. That means bonding and having conversations with them. If you like connecting with people on a personal level, then a carer’s role would be perfect for you.

You’re independent. Are you a self-starter? Do you enjoy working without the need to be monitored by your boss? Do you have integrity? Are you always doing the right thing when no one is looking? If so, being a carer will be a great choice.

You prefer to work in a home-like environment. Perhaps you don’t like working in fast-paced environments. Maybe you dislike being under intense amounts of pressure. As a carer, you will work in a calm environment inside your clients’ homes. 

You find it rewarding to help fulfil someone’s needs. Does it make you feel good to help someone? Perhaps you’ve worked as a volunteer and found the experience satisfying. Or maybe you’ve cared for someone before and enjoyed the work. In that case, working as a carer would be an excellent career choice.

You’re an attentive and engaged listener. Being a successful caregiver requires exceptional listening skills. You’ll need to listen to a client’s needs so that you can provide the best possible care.

You’re comfortable with incontinence care, hygiene, and personal care needs. Incontinence care and personal hygiene support are essential parts of care delivery, but not everyone is willing to provide the services. Would you be comfortable dealing with this level of care?

You’re capable of providing a meaningful connection and quality-of-life care. If you feel confident that you can enhance the life of your clients with your services, then being a carer would be right for you.

becoming a carer

Receive Constant Support to Ensure You’re Doing Your Job with Confidence and Satisfaction

Being a carer is an enriching experience, but we understand it has its challenges. However, we will be there every step of the way, offering support when needed. 

Whether you need advice on administering medication or guidance on managing your time correctly, our care management team is always available to help.

Start a Caregiving Career with Lifted Care

Our professional carers are the heart of our organisation. They’re friendly, compassionate, and creative. And they strive to help us help others. They work hard to ensure their clients feel comfortable and valued.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job or a lifelong career, we will have something you’ll love. We appreciate that it takes a special type of person to be a great carer. We hope that person is you!

Apply today to become a Lifted carer!

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