Carer Training

Exceptional care requires exceptional carers. We recruit staff who have a genuine passion for caring for others and give them the tools and knowledge to succeed.

We take carer
training very seriously

A multi day bespoke training programme with inbuilt professionally administered assessments.

Modules in safeguarding, first aid, medication administration, first aid, infection control, communication, dementia support and more.

Ongoing shadowing, supervisions, spot checks and performance management.

Consistent additional training in specialist care topics and techniques delivered by in house experts.

We believe there is no greater privilege than helping people live lives they enjoy. We look for people who feel the same, and we give them the skills and support to succeed.

Meet our Carer Trainer!

Bariah has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Masters degree in clinical, social and cognitive neuroscience. She develops and delivers the bespoke Lifted curriculum to our Carers. This includes a thorough live induction as well as additional follow up group and 1:1 courses on specialist care topics. She ensures all our staff either have significant professional care experience or obtain the Care Certificate, a recognised health and social care qualification. She also provides ongoing practical and emotional support for Carers in their day to day roles working with our care management team.

Lifted’s Carer Values


Our carers make sure they are on time and completely dependable whatever the challenge.

Passion for care

We think there is not greater privilege than supporting people to live lives they enjoy. We look for staff who feel the same.


We support our staff with rigorous training so are well equipped to deliver practical and emotional support with even complex conditions.


This is perhaps the most important value for all. Kindness and empathy are the bedrock of care.


We don’t wait to be asked. Our carers are constantly thinking of new ways to support.