Award winning respite care

We appreciate how difficult it can be to be the primary carer for your loved one. It’s a full time and very demanding job. That’s why it’s essential that every so often you make sure to take some time out for yourself. This is where our respite care services can help. Giving you some much needed time off safe in the knowledge your loved one is well looked after by one of our awarding-winning professional Carers. 


How does respite care work?

A respite Carer moves temporarily into the home of the person receiving care and provides support services when needed. Respite care is typically used when specific help is needed when someone has had a short illness or following surgery. The timeframes for our respite care services start with a minimum of four weeks. respite care can sometimes take place in residential facilities like care homes, however, our respite care is delivered in someone’s own home, allowing the person receiving care to remain in the setting, in which they feel most comfortable.

What is respite care?

Providing care for your loved one can be stressful, it’s easy to forget that you need to take care of yourself and take a break from time to time. Our award-winning respite carers can help lend you the helping hand you need to take some time off or help someone get back on their feet after clinical treatment or a short illness.

Respite care will give you peace of mind

Lifted’s person-centred care allows your loved ones to stay at home where they feel most comfortable. Taking on the responsibility of a full-time carer can sometimes become quite challenging; respite care provides a guilt-free break with the reassurance that your loved ones are receiving exceptional care.

Whether it’s household help, personal care or support after leaving the hospital, Lifted Carers can meet your requirements. Whilst your loved one receives the support they need, it will provide you with the opportunity to recharge your batteries and take some time to care for yourself. 

How can respite care help your loved one?

Lifted’s award-winning Carers are provided with specialised training, so you can guarantee that your loved one will receive the highest standards of care. You’ll have the reassurance that your new temporary caregiver will meet your care needs.

Arranging respite care can be stressful, and family relationships can be tested; In some cases, it is difficult for people to suddenly become dependent on their loved ones. Arranging respite care can help ease that transition.

Personal care

Lifted Carers are trained to provide dignified support with washing, dressing and continence care.

Household Help

Let us give you a helping hand with housekeeping, from dusting to vacuuming.


Companionship-led care plays a crucial role in alleviating our client’s loneliness and isolation, whether that’s with friendly chats over a cup of tea or a game of cards.


Our Carers can help with the weekly shopping and produce home-cooked meals, ensuring you stay well hydrated.

Medication Prompting

All our Carers are specially trained to assist with administering prescribed medication.


Our Carers are specially trained to provide respite care for dementia clients

A connected experience at all times

Winner of the Laingbuisson Innovation in Care award, with our leading care app, we are making care a better experience for all. Whether you are the one receiving care, you are organising care for a loved one or you are a carer – we continue to develop technology to make our care better and more accessible to all. Learn more about our app here

Never miss a moment

Through our app with Lifted moments, our Carers share moments of joy with your loved one. So if you are sat behind your desk and thinking of them, it’ll provide you with something to make you smile.

With Lifted connected families, the app allows individuals to form a team and keep everyone in the loop wherever they are. From an auntie in Cornwall to a cousin in Norfolk…you’ll all be up to date on the care of your loved one.

What are the benefits of respite care?

Respite care can benefit clients and their loved ones, especially a regular carer who is looking to take some time out to recharge. Being able to take some time out to spend with friends and close family can benefit mental health and wellbeing. 

If you’re looking for a temporary care arrangement after returning home from the hospital or needing help following injury or illness, respite care may be right for you. Lifted’s professional Carers can help smooth the transition from hospital to home, providing support in your time of need. From household help to personal and around-the-clock live-in care, Lifted Carers have you covered. 

Our carers might actually have superpowers

Passionate. Handpicked to live Lifted’s values of kindness, competence, proactivity, passion and reliability. They have to love care as much as we do.

Supported. Highly trained by us and provided with 24/7 support. We are proud to pay the London Living Wage for hourly care.

Trusted. All our staff undergo a through recruitment and vetting process with enhanced criminal record checks, professional references, and multiple interviews.

Meet a Lifted hero

“I love being a carer for Lifted because seeing the people I support happy and achieving their daily goals gives me great fulfilment’

What should you look for in a respite Carer?

Having a reliable respite Carer is essential. We only hire around 2% of the carers that apply to work at Lifted. Our high recruitment standards ensure that you receive the highest quality care possible. Lifted Carers are empathetic and passionate about what they do. All Carers that work here must tick both those boxes as a minimum. Before recruiting, we ask, “would we be happy for this person to look after our loved one”?

Empathy and compassion are vital characteristics that we look for in our recruitment process; in addition to this, Lifted Carers receive award-winning training. We conduct comprehensive assessments of our carers before caring for our clients and thorough background checks, including an advanced DBS check. Our training program covers manual handling, dementia, medications, health & safety, first aid and more.

After completing initial training, respite carers receive regular refresher courses and specialise in particular areas of interest or take advanced courses. For example, someone passionate about helping those with dementia might take advanced dementia courses.

What does a Lifted respite Carer do when they visit?

Our respite Carers perform anything from establishing daily contact with an elderly client and preparing their lunch, to providing round-the-clock care. As well as providing practical support, they pride themselves on giving you emotional support when you need it most.

As part of their duties, Respite Carers typically provide clients with some kind of personal care. Be it bathing and dressing them every morning, taking care of their continence, or even just washing their hair now and then. However, this isn’t necessary for everyone that requires 24-hour care. Our care assessors will help you create a personalised plan tailored just to you.

We provide personalised and individual care plans for every person we support to ensure we are meeting their needs exactly. Whether an individual needs help to get out and about, do light housework, or water plants, depends on what they wish to accomplish through their temporary support plan.

Besides providing practical assistance, Carers are also friendly faces you can get to know and trust if your care requires regular attention while away from home, Lifted Carers can accompany you on any trip you plan, wherever you plan to go. Although in home respite Carers will usually spend four weeks with a client, long-lasting relationships will still be built, as carers are matched with clients based on their personal interests, hobbies and care needs.

Is respite care right for everyone?

Respite care is there to prevent your loved one from needing residential care and staying in the comfort of their lovely home for as long as possible. Respite care is ideal for those who are looking for temporary measures. Some people may require emergency respite when recovering from an illness or surgery, whereas others may need help and support when their regular carer chooses to some time out.

When should you think about respite care?

You or a loved one needs help to recover from an injury or illness

You’re requiring support transitioning from hospital to home 

You’re taking some time away from your duties as a regular carer

You wish for your loved ones to some time out for themselves 

You have a desire to stay in your own home for as long as possible

Additional specialist care is needed to support you or your loved one.

Our trained Carers can provide you with peace of mind, and a fresh pair of eyes may help to identify additional care needs. Our clinical team manages our respite carers, who will design a tailored and specialised plan that fits your needs and lifts your life.

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Respite care FAQs

What is the minimum number of respite care weeks I can book?

A minimum four weeks of care must be booked as our respite care service requires a Carer to temporarily move into a client’s home.

How does respite care work?

A specially trained Carer temporarily moves in with you or your loved one and provides support that meets your care needs. Respite Carers can help with anything from cooking meals, to supporting using hoists to move safely. They receive regular supervision and support from our care managers.

Why should I choose Lifted to look after my loved ones?

We were created to raise standards in care both for families and for carers. We give you and your loved ones complete transparency through our innovative care platform. But we go further by using our technology to learn what clients enjoy doing and sharing this information with our carers to help them deliver the support they deserve. We employ, train and support all our carers, and we are proud to pay the London living wage for hourly care. We were created based on our Co-founder’s personal experience of struggling to find excellent care for her mum when she was diagnosed with dementia, and we are proud to be lifting lives every day. We are regulated and regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission and are very proud of our inspection report.

Are Lifted Carers self-employed?

No. Lifted is a fully managed service; we directly employ our professional carers.  All carers undergo a robust and rigorous recruitment process and are trained to the highest level. You will be supported by a dedicated care manager and a care supervisor who are highly experienced in supporting families. We are a regulated service, which means The Care Quality Commission regulates our care; this is not the case for a self-employed carer. 

By contrast, an introduction agency may introduce you to a Carer, but then you will be left to supervise, manage and organise all aspects of the care for their loved one. Furthermore, they may not offer a minimum of an hour’s visit. It also means you will need to arrange cover for breaks, sickness and holidays. There is also no guarantee that the Carer will be trained or supported, and sometimes even background checked.

Lifted, by contrast, provide 24/7 support for you and our caregivers. There is the added reassurance of regulation as well as all the benefits of transparency and peace of mind given by our Care platform.