What is a Live in care
support plan?

A live in care support plan details all the information relating to your needs, preferences and circumstances and how those will be matched with a suitable care package. The support care plan ensures you and your family know exactly what to expect and your live-in carers have the information they need to deliver the care you require. We aim to help you live as independently as possible in the comfort of your own home.

When is a Live in care support plan prepared?

The support plan development starts with your first assessment visit when a member of the Lifted Care team meets you to discuss your requirements. It is also a good opportunity for the care manager to meet with any members of your family who need to be involved in shaping the support plan for live-in care

If you have not had professional care at home previously, arranging a needs assessment with your local council may be necessary. We can give you further advice on how to go about that if needed. 

Our approach to preparing a
Live in
care support plan

Assess the current care situation

We start by discussing your existing care arrangements with you, for example, any professional care support you currently have. You may not have had help from healthcare professionals previously, but we look at any support you have been receiving from friends or family and whether that support will continue. We will discuss the areas where you can currently manage things for yourself. We will look at your daily routine and discuss what you need support with and where there is a gap in any help you currently receive. We will discuss opportunities to increase the range of things you can do when the proper support is put in place.

Review your home environment

All aspects of your life must be considered when preparing the care support plan, including assessing how well your home environment supports your needs. A care manager may help identify potential adaptations that could help to make life easier for you in your home environment. We may recommend that you have a referral to an Occupational Therapist, who will be able to conduct a detailed assessment of your home and any adaptations that could be made.

Discuss your goals

Your care package is an opportunity to get the help you need to do more than you can manage unsupported. For some people, having the support from carers at home can be a case of being able to live safely in their own home and prolong their independence. For others, there may be a chance to improve their quality of life through being able to get out more often or having help with a hobby.

Who has input on the care support plan?

As the recipient of the care services, you have a crucial part in giving input to the care plan. Your care support plan is tailored to your specific needs, and we work closely with you to develop your personalised care package.

Where appropriate, family members may also be asked to give input to the care support plan. Any care that family members wish to continue to provide can be recorded in this document. 

We will take the time to listen to your input to fully understand the outcomes you and your family are looking for and the support you need. We will then recommend the most suitable care services and incorporate these into a bespoke care package. If a client has a Power of Attorney, we will ensure that we work with their nominated individuals to deliver an appropriate plan. 

This is an opportunity to set expectations so that everyone is clear about what care can be delivered. If you are self-funding, the costs of services may need to be calculated and considered. The exact services to be provided can then be finalised for the care plan document. 

What details are included in a Live in care support plan?

The live-in care support plan is a record of the care services and treatment discussed and agreed upon between you, the client, and your care manager at Lifted Care. The document records your goals and how the care provided will help deliver those goals. It gives full details of the care we will provide to you in your home and outside the home if your care package includes trips, such as visits to day centres or other places.

The care plan document will include:

  • Personal details include next of kin and GP, other health providers, power of attorney arrangements, etc
  • Your specific needs 
  • Desired outcomes – what your weekly schedule will deliver to meet your needs 
  • Support required – such as mobility needs, finance, etc
  • Who will provide the care?
  • Your care schedule
  • Medication regimen
  • Personal preferences which the care team should be made aware of
  • Costs

Benefits of having a Live in care plan

It is essential to have a live-in care support plan because it provides a complete picture of your care needs and how they will be met. It includes details of who will provide the different elements of care and when. Having these details recorded in a document has the following benefits:

  • Gives you more control over your life. 
  • Makes sure your wishes have been captured and used to prepare the care package.
  • Ensures that your care arrangements are clear to all care workers and to any family members who play a part in your care. 
  • Identifies areas where you are self-sufficient and wish to continue managing things for yourself.
  • Makes it easier for the right care to be delivered consistently. This means any carer involved in providing care for you can review the care plan and immediately have the full details of your requirements and the agreed care package. 
  • Helps with cost planning for care services.

Does the Live in care support plan change?

Your support plan needs to be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that the care being provided is still adequate to meet your requirements. It is often the case that a client’s needs change over time as circumstances or health conditions change.

Does the Live in care support plan change?

Your support plan needs to be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that the care being provided is still adequate to meet your requirements. It is often the case that a client’s needs change over time as circumstances or health conditions change.

In England, care providers are expected to review support plans every six months. The care plan is to support your evolving needs and is something you can be involved in developing on an ongoing basis.

The key to a successful plan is flexibility. If your circumstances change before the plan is due for review, it can be revisited sooner, thus ensuring that the care you receive continues to be appropriate.

Guidelines for developing a care plan

The CQC’s fundamental standards include requirements to ensure that care is person-centred and that all clients are treated with dignity and respect. These requirements are met through the collaborative approach we use to create the care support plan. 

Call us at Lifted Care to learn more about our live-in care services. One of our team will be very happy to talk through the services we have to offer. We can also arrange a meeting to prepare a live-in care plan with you. We are here to help you continue living happily and safely in your own home and enjoying the best possible quality of life.

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