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We know it takes a special type of person to be a great carer. Apply to become a Lifted carer today and join the company changing how people in the UK receive care.

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Becoming a Lifted carer is an exciting opportunity to join an innovative start-up that is revolutionising how people in the UK receive care and assistance.

Every day, individuals in need of assistance place a huge amount of trust in their carers. Conscious of this, Lifted is looking for reliable carers with a genuine passion for caring who can maintain the highest standards of care assistance.

If you want to find out more about how to become a carer, reach out to Lifted today and get started on your journey.

Get the most
out of every visit

As a company harnessing the power of technology to enhance the provision of high-quality care, the Lifted care app will allow you to make the most out of your visits. If you become a carer with Lifted, we will give you all the digital tools you need to make the most out of your time with your client.

Through the lifted care app, you will be able to:

Record your travel time accurately.

Share the moments of joy you create with your client and their family.

Check for any special requests or requirements that have been made for that visit.

Leave any notes concerning the client for their loved ones.

Join the Lifted family

If you become a registered carer with Lifted, you are joining something that is much more than just a care company. You are joining a family of carers who are dedicated and passionate about improving the caring experience.

When you join Lifted, you are joining a family that cares about the caring experience and the care of their clients in equal measure.

Why should you become a Lifted Carer?

Important and rewarding work

If you become a carer with Lifted, you will be making a real difference to the lives of those you care for.

Join the 2%

Lifted has rigorous hiring standards in place, which means we only hire the top 2% of applicants. Join the Lifted family today and work with the best in the field.

Get qualified

If you want to become a full-time carer but don’t have any qualifications, you can earn a care qualification through our comprehensive training.

Great rewards

To recognise the talent and dedication of our carers, we pay up to 20% above the market rate.

Carer App

Lifted has developed an app specifically for carers that not only makes it easier to do their job but also improves the quality of care for the client.

Trainer and Carer Champion

Lifted has a T&C champion who is dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of our carers and putting in place adequate support.

How to apply


Apply to become a carer with Lifted using our online screening form. Simply fill out a few details and get started on your journey today!


The bespoke Lifted training programme ensures that our carers deliver a consistent level of care that we can pride ourselves on.

Join the team

If you are successful in your application to become a carer, you will be joining a passionate team that is dedicated to supporting families with an exceptional level of care.

Hear from some of the team

Lifted Carer FAQs

What does Lifted look for in a Carer?

By working closely with the families we support, Lifted has developed a set of values that we look for in a great carer. These values are: reliability, passion, competence, proactivity, and kindness.

If you decide you want to become a carer with Lifted, during the interview process, we will look to see examples of when you have demonstrated these in your personal life or previous work experience. 

Here are some examples of our values in action:

Reliability: It is important to always be on time for client visits. Routine and time management are incredibly important when delivering care. It is important to let us know in advance if you are unwell and are unable to attend a care appointment. Reliability helps to build up a relationship of trust – both with the client and with the Lifted family.

Passion: When you become a full-time carer, you may be required to think of new and innovative ways of supporting your client. Having passion for the job is important as it will help you to spot new ways to improve the caring experience.

Competence: Being able to manage your workload and to take on responsibility is an essential part of being a carer. You need to feel confident and well equipped to provide medication support and other forms of care for your client.

Proactivity: Sometimes, providing care requires you to think outside the box and recognise when a client needs more support. Proactivity means taking the initiative and suggesting new ways you can help or to improve the care experience.

Kindness: Working with a sense of kindness and empathy towards your client is an essential part of the caring experience. This might mean sitting down with a client who is having a bad day and listening to their challenges while also providing calm reassurance.

What training will I receive?

All Lifted staff will undergo a rigorous and comprehensive training course that will set you up for success as a carer. This week-long training course is run by a dedicated trainer who is a qualified neuroscientist.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics. It includes everything from the Lifted mission and values statement to the unique approach Lifted takes to care. It also includes in-depth classes on adult safeguarding, infection control, first aid, and medication support. Training is assessed and we will work closely with you to ensure you feel fully comfortable and confident before assigning you to a client.

When you become a registered carer after completion of this programme, Lifted will follow this up with regular supervisions, spot checks, refresher courses, specialist training, and one-on-one support clinics. This will help you to consolidate your knowledge and to work towards new care qualifications. When you become a carer with Lifted, we commit to supporting you throughout your career.

What experience do I need to become a carer?

Lifted tries to recruit carers with a range of experiences and backgrounds. For our experienced private home carer programme, we ideally look for individuals with at least six months of professional care experience. We also look out for individuals with professional experience in other health and social care fields such as medicine or nursing.

If you want to know how to become a carer in a care home but are new to professional care, we have a dedicated programme for you. For this programme, we look for individuals with a passion for caring who might have previous experience caring for a loved one.

What support will I receive?

At Lifted we provide you with a wide range of supports to become a registered carer.

We also provide access to caring support through our Care Champion and Care Managers, who will help you resolve any issues you might encounter. You can contact them via phone, seven days a week.

Lifted provides a fair and transparent pay structure, with the possibility of increases for more complex tasks. We also support career advancement by promoting our care staff into supervisory positions. Lifted is dedicated to caring for the families we support and all of our employees in the Lifted family.

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